10 Best bass Earbuds under 100 to $200 – Wireless Earbuds

Best Bass Earbuds under 100 to $200

When it comes to choosing the best earbuds, especially in terms of those that provide the best Bass, things could become a bit confusing and tricky due to the overwhelming amount of choices available in the market. And then, there is a budget that one has to consider.

This article aims to put forward some of the best bass earbuds under 100 to $200 that will deliver not only the best Bass but also the best value in terms of money. In addition to that, Bass is something that keeps the adrenaline going for people working out in the gym as well. Since headphones are comparatively difficult to carry and more in weight, why not go for something that is easy on the budget and delivers excellent sound quality as well?

Therefore, this guide is going to let you in on everything regarding the best bass earbuds under 100 so that you are able to pick the best one and rock with everywhere. Let’s begin!
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Beats PowerBeats Pro

Best Bass Earbuds


The first one on the list is PowerBeats Pro by Beats and fairly for the right reasons. These wireless earbuds are an excellent choice if you want a bass that is emphasized, long-lasting battery, and a perfectly stable fit in your ears. These are high-quality build earbuds featuring IPX4 waterproof protection that prevents your sweat from making its way inside the earbuds and breaking them down while working out.

When it comes to comfort & fit, these are a good pick for when you are breaking a sweat in the gym or in the park as they provide fantastic stability for spots, however for people with small ears, these earbuds could become a bit irritating. On the other hand, if you talk about the Noise Cancellation, then these earbuds nearly miss the top mark as they will provide just the right noise cancellation but not the one that is the best out there.

The Bluetooth connection is swift with this thing and generally will not cause any problems. Regardless of what type of activity you are engaged in, these earbuds will make sure that you have a solid Bluetooth connection throughout.

Lastly, we know you would like to hear about the battery capacity as well, and in this respect, the PowerBeats Pro achieves full marks for their outstanding 9+ hours running time alongside the super-fast quick charging. Short on time? Do not worry; the PowerBeats will only take 1 hour to juice itself completely.

  • IPX4 rated earbuds
  • Comfortable and Stable fit
  • 1-hour charging time
  • The battery lasts for 9+ hours
  • Can be irritating for people with small ears


Sony WF-1000 XM3

Best Bass Earbuds


When it comes to the world of music, have you come across someone who has not heard of Sony? No, right, that is because with every product they come up with, stands true to its claim. The same is the case with these wireless bass busting earbuds as well. To start off with, the Sony WF-1000 XM3 comes with a sound signature system that is balanced, delivering strong and a punchy bass alongside vibrant vocals. The sound produced by these earbuds is fantastic in terms of not having any kind of distortion whatsoever, even if you pump the volume to the max.

These earbuds come with the Sony Headphones Connect app, which allows you to choose and customize your settings. You play around with Bass as well as the charging settings, but before all that, you will need to make sure that the earbuds are a secure fit in your ears. Even though these earbuds are bulkier as compared to the other earbuds, they happen to be surprisingly a good and comfortable fit. You will need first to put them in and then “screw” into the ear canal.

The noise cancellation feature in this thing is totally off the hook. You can change the settings from the app to fully cancel the outside noise or choose the ambient setting to allow some of the noises to come in. Furthermore, you might have thought that earbuds carrying such features would have a disastrous battery life, but that is not the case here. You can do a quick 10-minute charge and get 1.5 hours of music; in return, that is perfect for someone who is always on the go.

  • Quick Charging

  • Good battery life
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Screw-in fit
  • Voice assistant support
  • Is not waterproof


Bose Quietcomfort 20 under 200

Best Bass Earbuds


If you are someone who travels a lot, then you know how it is important for one to have something in the ears that relaxes you while blocking the disturbing noises coming from outside. Bose Quietcomfort 20 in that respect comes to your rescue. It will allow you to remain in your moment while not having to listen unnecessary sounds.

These earbuds are designed to be excellent noise-cancellation products that will sit and fit perfectly and comfortably in your ear thanks to its splendid design and features acoustic noise cancelling. Not only that, you have the power to select what you want to hear. If you are in the mood to hear some great vocals and music, you can turn off the world, and then at the same time, if you want to bring it back, you can do this with just a touch of a button due to the integrated Aware mode. One can clearly have an idea from the term of what the feature is supposed to do.

Coming to the sound quality, these earbuds, then again thanks to its Active EQ and TriPort technology, will provide excellent and clear Bass at both mid and high ranges. Furthermore, the compatibility of these earbuds is excellent as it connects with various Apple devices as well, giving you the opportunity to use the remote and inline mic as well.

The earbuds feature a rechargeable lithium battery as well that lasts for up to 16 hours. Even if the battery runs out, you are still able to use the headphones to keep the momentum going.

  • Active Noise cancellation

  • Active EQ and TriPort technology
  • 16-hours of use
  • Distortion-free
  • Excellent Bass at both mid and high ranges
  • A bit expensive



Soundcore Liberty NEO by Anker bass Earbuds

Best Bass Earbuds


Liberty NEO by Anker has been made from graphene in order to make them both lightweight and resistant. Not only that, graphene features amazing acoustic features, which unarguably makes these earbuds some of the best options to go for in the market.

Furthermore, the sound quality of the earbuds is as detailed as produced by any advance headphones out there. This is something for the audiophiles out there as compared to something that you would use occasionally or for entertainment purposes. The best thing about these earbuds is perhaps the freedom they offer. They sit well in the ears and remain comfortable during hours of use. The wireless connection, in addition, allows you to perform any activity without any wires coming in.

The battery alone will stand for up to 3.5 hours, but if you happen to be using them with a charging case, then do not be surprised if they extend the time to about 12 hours because they will. You might have thought that this was the end, hold on. These earbuds, when it comes to connectivity feature Bluetooth 5 and satellite, yes satellite technology to provide you skip-free audio at a range of about 33 feet. What else can you ask for? You can skip through songs, accept or reject calls just by using the buttons fitted on the earpiece. Lastly, the IPX7 waterproof rating is going to make your jaws drop, because you can literally use them even in the rain.

  • Incredible Bass and sound quality

  • 33ft range
  • 5-hour battery time
  • Water-resistant
  • Graphene case
  • Phone call quality is not that impressive



Sennheiser HD1 In-Ear Wireless Headphones

Best Bass Earbuds


Just as Sony is to the music world, Sennheiser is the same. It has been in the audio industry for quite a while and has stood tall on its achievements. One might think that whatever they create is just perfect, and they are right, and the Sennheiser HD1 In-Ear Wireless Headphones is proof.

To start with, these are wireless design headphones along with a neckband. Due to the neckband, you can wear these headphones for hours without having to worry about the earbuds coming out while you perform your regular activities or working out, etc. In addition to that, using the controls embedded in the headphones and the built-in microphone, you can attend calls and shift through songs to pick the best one according to your mood.

These headphones feature 4.1 Bluetooth and NFC connectivity alongside being compatible with several smart devices. The sound produced by these headphones is as clear as crystal, and due to the Qualcomm apt-X compatibility and AAC codec support, the headphones are bound to give special representation.

The best thing about these headphones is that they allow you to connect to two different devices at the same time, while the battery on these headphones lasts for about 10 hours, with only requiring 1.5 hours to charge.

Sennheiser, with these headphones, has an overall impressive package for the users. Even though they are not waterproof but still a great value for money in terms of sound quality and connectivity.

  • Connects two devices at the same time

  • AAC codec support
  • Qualcomm apt-x compatibility
  • Crystal-clear sound quality
  • Not waterproof


Jaybird Vista True Wireless under 100 to $200

Best Bass Earbuds


Jaybird Vista True Wireless headphones are designed with the aim to make your workouts more intense. In a sense, they are more concerned about your workouts then you are. They are truly wireless earbuds featuring an IPX7 rating, which makes them crush-proof, drop-proof, and sweat-proof. These earbuds will fight your sweat during a workout and even the weather conditions if you happen to be making your way somewhere during rain and snow etc.

The battery timing on these earbuds is six hours, and if you happen to use them with the battery case, then it will take it up to 10 hours. These earbuds are so small and light that it is a high possibility that you will forget them that you are wearing them after a while. The best thing about the battery timing is that if you are in a hurry, just give 5-minutes of charging, and the earbuds will juice enough to last an hour for playtime.

When it comes to connectivity, Visa uses JBS1 wireless technology to provide sound that has absolutely zero lag and crystal-clear sound. The Bass with these earbuds due to the 6mm drivers and EQ controls is both accurate and punchy. In order to secure an ultra-comfortable fit, these earbuds feature locked in three sizes of interchangeable ear gels.

In addition to that, the Jaybird iOS and Android app will give you infinite controls for the EQ and the 6mm drivers, making the sound experience break the quality standards. Should you happen to lose the earbuds, you can use the Jaybird app to locate your earbuds. In other words, you have lost and not lost your earbuds at the same time as it just a moment of time that you get to find the earbuds using the app.

  • IPX7 Construction

  • JBS1 wireless technology
  • Very light and small
  • Find my buds feature
  • Zero-lag and crystal-clear sound
  • Slightly expensive


SensoActivBuds Bluetooth Wireless earbuds

Best Bass Earbuds


If you want something to keep your entertainment and keep a great company, then SensoActivBuds are just the perfect earbuds for you. These earbuds use a 4.1 CSR Bluetooth technology, allowing the earbuds to both produce and provide sound that is of excellent quality with deep Bass and keeping the static noise in the background at bay.

In addition to that, the earbuds are very easy to put in and feature ear hooks that are built-in. Furthermore, the earbuds carry an IPX7 waterproof rating so that you are not worried about the sweat damaging your earpieces while working out. If you are someone who deeply follows workouts, then there is another good reason why you should be opting for these earbuds. Since the earbuds are made from silicone that is flexible, you also do not need to worry about the earbuds causing pain if you have been using the earbuds for a while.

Talking about the battery timing, these earbuds can last up to 8 hours along with a standby time of 240 hours, and the charging is really quick as well, only 1.5 hours. The SensoActivBuds have CVC 6.0 noise suppression technology that enables you to concentrate on your music only. The manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty and 30-days no questions asked return policy as well.

All in all, the SensoActivBuds are an excellent pick for someone who spends quite a lot of time outdoors, working, or performing regular activities. Since it has the perfect rating, which allows it to withstand extreme weather conditions as well, you should not be worried about anything, really. Lastly, the warranty and policy have got you covered as well.

  • IPX7 rating
  • 1 Bluetooth CSR technology
  • 8-hours battery timing
  • CVC 6.0 noise suppression technology
  • The built quality could have been better


Sennheiser IE80 earbuds under 100 to $200

Best Bass Earbuds


The Sennheiser IE80 earbuds are the unique earbuds in the list in terms of the technology it features. These earbuds use a system that consists of a dynamic speaker with magnets that are powerful neodymium, ensuring that the sound is crystal clear and accurate. Furthermore, the wires are materials that are highly durable, so you do not have to worry about cracks anything of such sort popping up after a while. These earbuds are designed to be durable and long-lasting.

If you are someone who prefers listening to music at the loudest, then be assured that these buds can go extremely loud at a high of 26 db. Moreover, you can customize the settings such as the Bass to suit your music needs. The earbuds feature a noise cancellation system as well that will block any distracting noises in the background and allow you to remain focused on your music. The sleek ergonomic design of the earbuds, along with the ear tips being made of silicone, ensures that the earbuds are a comfortable and secure fit. Therefore, if you are jogging, running, or walking, the earbuds will stay firmly in place.

As a great feature, these earbuds are compatible with all Android, Apple, and MP3s. Overall, due to the powerful driver system that these earbuds feature, the sound produced is excellent and deep. And, since the wires are made from durable materials as well, these earbuds are a good package for someone who is out on the hunt for earbuds in the long run.

  • Compatible with Apple, Android, and MP3s

  • The extremely loud sound of 26 dB
  • Noise cancellation system
  • Magnets with powerful neodymium
  • No microphone



Bose SoundSport Wireless bass Earbuds

Best Bass Earbuds


If you have had the chance to use Bose earbuds before, you shall know that Bose never fails to impress with its attention to detail, and the same is the case with Bose SoundSport Wireless. These earbuds have been designed to be ideal for sports and other such activities due to the design that is ergonomic. You will be thoroughly impressed with both comfort and convenience when you are using these earbuds on a daily basis.

These earbuds feature active EQ, which allows you to adjust the settings of your music in addition to the Bass so that the music could be set according to your liking and preferences. You will simply love what these things can do once you get familiar with the settings. You can play Rock, Hip-hop, and rap and feel like the artist is actually performing right beside you. The Stay Hear+tips are designed to sit comfortably inside your ears while you are engaged in sporting activities.

The earbuds are designed to sit so well that even if you happen to accidentally and rapidly turn your head, you will not have to worry about the earbuds dropping out. Furthermore, these earbuds are both weather and sweat-resistant, making it a perfect pick for jogging outdoors or traveling. Premium quality has gone into making the earbuds due to which you are bound to fall in love with its Durability. Lastly, the 6-hour battery time is enough to keep you entertained half the day.

  • NFC pairing

  • Bose active EQ
  • 6-hours battery time
  • Stay hear and tips designed to keep the earbuds firmly in place
  • Ideal for workouts and outdoors
  • Battery life needs to be improved


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V-Moda Zn In-Ear Modern Audiophile earbuds with microphone

Best Bass Earbuds


The thing that sets MODA Zn In-Ear Modern Audiophile earbuds apart from the other earbuds while comparing is its newly developed dynamic 8mm drivers. These drivers are capable of delivering Bass at an accuracy that is simply amazing, with very low distortion. Furthermore, the vocals and treble output is nothing short of amazing as well.

The earbuds come with built-in three buttons that allow you to attend calls and skip through music. The microphone uses sensitive input technology, which allows the user to talk freely without being disturbed by static noises. As a great addition, the button pad is compatible with devices belonging to Apple and Android, etc.

The patented ActiveFlex sport ear hooks are designed to sit securely in place while you are jogging and to perform other types of activities. The diamondback cable is very hard to tangle and is 20x stronger than the industry’s average wire. Moreover, you get Bliss 3.0 ear tips in four different sizes for both comfortable and soft wear.

  • Includes microphone

  • Diamondback cable
  • Includes four sizes of ear tips
  • Dynamic 8mm drivers
  • Expensive as compared to other earbuds



What to look for when buying best bass Earbuds under 100 to $200

Even though we have vetted the best options for you in the article, but when it comes to choosing among such a mind-boggling number of options, things could become difficult. The reason is that choosing the perfect earbuds is not limited to the sound quality or the Bass etc. it goes beyond that. Factors like Durability, comfort and wireless technology, etc. have a fair share in deciding what to pick.

To help you out with the process, we are sharing a guide that we hope will provide guidance in terms of what you should be looking out for.

Sound Quality

Since you are on the lookout for earbuds that have the best bass quality, the very first thing that you will need to consider is the Bass and the overall sound quality. Even though all the bass earbuds mention above are designed to provide optimum and clear Bass, their earbuds will differ in terms of tuning, sound, and overall sound quality. It should be noted that things like noise cancellation and drivers of different sizes will have an impact on the sound in numerous ways. For instance, with extra noise cancellation, you get to only focus on the music without getting absolutely zero distractions from the outside.

Alongside the Bass, you would also want to make sure that both mid and high range frequency provide a crisp sound. Furthermore, all earbuds may be good for listening to music or watching movies. However, it is not necessary that it will be the same for e-books or podcasts.


The last thing you would want after spending a considerable amount of time choosing the perfect earbuds is to have your earbuds wearing or breaking out soon after you purchase them. If earbuds are cheap, then it is highly likely that they are made from cheap material and will not last long or be that durable.

Since we find ourselves in different environments throughout the day as well as the situations, you will never know what could happen. Therefore, considering that factor alone, one should have peace of mind while purchasing earbuds that they are durable enough.

If you have purchased earbuds that you use will jogging or performing rigorous exercises and observe that they are able to withstand sweat and will not loosen, then be sure that you have put your money in the right place.

There is a reason the manufacturer proudly highlights the waterproof and sweat-proof ratings of their products because they go a long way in terms of protecting your earbuds from accidentally being dropped in water or wet surfaces. Therefore, make sure that you pick earbuds that are able to tackle the intensity of your everyday tasks.


Earbuds come in two types, wired and wireless. With wireless earbuds, you do not have to worry about recharging your earbuds while at the same time you may not like unmingling the wires every single time you use them.

However, with the wireless earbuds, the technology today stands at a point where the earbuds are easily compatible with Apple, Android, and MP3s in addition to one-step pairing and quick connection. In that respect, Bluetooth 5.0 is going to provide you with a talking experience that is seamless and worth remembering. Therefore, if you happen to be an active listener, then wireless earbuds are the ones to go for.

Furthermore, when you are lifting, jogging, climbing, and running, having no wires is such a blessing. If you had a dollar for every time you pushed the wires away before snagging the cord; you would have been a millionaire by now.

However, if you are someone who prefers to spend his/her time at home and does not require a lot of maneuverability, then wired earbuds would do just fine and provide you with sufficient sound quality to satisfy your music needs.


Having a good pair of earbuds also entails that you are comfortable all while you wear them. The comfort level should be such that you forget that you were even wearing earbuds all this time. With some earbuds, you will experience that they will loosen as soon as you make rapid movements, and that is exactly what you do not want.

If you are jogging, running, walking, watching a movie, or traveling, the earbuds should sit firmly in place. Therefore, the more comfortable the earbuds are, the longer you will like to wear them and hold on to them as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it important to get earphones with two or more drivers?

Yes, particularly when it comes to earbuds that are designed for Bass. It has two or more drivers to allow the frequency range to widen and does not allow the sound quality to be compromised in order to achieve better Bass.

Is Durability important for bass earbuds under 100 to $200?

Yes, if you are purchasing bass earbuds, you need to make sure that they are durable enough for everyday tasks.

Are more expensive earbuds better for Bass?

Not necessarily as it depends on what they are made for. You can get budget-friendly earbuds that will provide good enough Bass, but it depends on protection ratings, Durability, and some other features as well. An expensive pair of earbuds will be better in every aspect.

I am not getting the expected bass quality, why is that?

In most cases, the earbuds will not fit your ears properly. The size of the ears and earbuds play a huge role in such situations. Therefore, make sure that you pick earbuds with the right ear tips size so that they provide comfort and fit firmly.

Final Thought

Earbuds have come a long way in the past few years and continue to evolve as well. As such, we have presented a list of some of the best bass earbuds under 100 to 200$ varying in features and prices so that you are able to pick the best one, considering your budget and music preferences.

Therefore, if you want something that serves your music playlist well, you have several options now. Just make sure that your decision is based on your budget and preferences.