Anker Bluetooth Headphones Pairing – Step by Step

   Anker Bluetooth Headphones Pairing

If you are a big fan of music and like to keep headphones with you all the time, then you need something different. Headphones can enhance your personality and give you a trendy look. Anker is a brand that believes in coming out with something new, so it goes with your personality and keeps you entertained.

Anker Bluetooth headphones are unique and stylish in appearance. They are catchy and attract music lovers. If you have just bought one, then this is the time to connect the gadget to your mobile or another music device to elevate the music experience. Let’s see, how we can do Anker Bluetooth headphones pairing to your device and enjoy the overall experience.

Anker Bluetooth Headphones Pairing

Anker Bluetooth Headphones Pairing

Step 1

The range of Anker Bluetooth headphones is about 3ft, so before pairing, keep both devices in the range, or it won’t work. If you are sitting in another room and the difference is more than the mentioned one, the sound will get distorted, and it will stop catching the signals after some time. Turn on the Bluetooth of both headphones and other devices.

Anker Bluetooth Headphones Pairing

Step 2

Make sure that both gadgets are fully charged, and the device’s Bluetooth is working for connection. As soon as you turn on the headphones, it will automatically turn to Bluetooth mode, so there are no additional steps involved in the process. As a beginner, you won’t find the process complicated. After turning on the headphones, a blue light will start flashing as a signal to start the process.

Step 3

Turn on your device’s Bluetooth, and it will start showing the name of Anker headphones on the list for instant pairing. Once you click on the headphone title, it will pair automatically to the device. The blue light will stay solid, and you can listen to the soft tone on the other side. If the phone asks for the verification code, you can read the manual or enter the number combination like “0000”.

Step 4

The memory storage of the headphone is too good, so it will always connect to the last used device automatically for the next time. You may have to pair again to your device, but it takes few seconds to connect. If you want to connect headphones to your device while the last device’s Bluetooth is on, press both volume keys for 3-4 seconds. Headphones will automatically get back to the original pairing mode. You can follow the same pattern when connecting with other devices while someone else’s Bluetooth is on.

Final Thoughts

You will find Anker Bluetooth headphones suitable when using regularly. Due to the crystal clear sound quality and easy functionality, it’s a great gadget to use. When a headphone is showing a red light, it means the battery is almost empty. When it’s showing red light on the charge, it means the current status is charging, and it requires time. When the light turns off, it signals your gadget is charged and ready to use again. LED lights indicated different statuses, and you can learn more by going through the manual.