Best Cheap Gaming Mouse to Buy

Best Cheap Gaming mouse in 2020

If you’re a real gamer, you know it in your heart that no investment is too much investment if it’s for the right product. What’s the right product? A right product can be anything from a mouse, a keyboard, a graphics card, or a full-fledged gaming PC. But, yes! One of the most important accessories that gamers look for is a cheap gaming mouse. 

We’ll be covering high-quality cheap gaming mouse in this article. So, keep on reading.

The confusion comes in when gamers are faced with a massive variety of options and significant variations in the price tags. The typical perception of a hefty price tag is related to good quality and performance, but that’s not necessarily true. This is where we come in. 

We’ll be listing down some great performance mice, that will surely give you an edge above your competitors and the best part? They’ll be cheap. 

So, if you’re looking for that edge, and aiming to win that next big tournament, read further and decide on what mouse will help you win your battles. 

Let’s look at our list of the best cheap gaming mouse that we’ve compiled for you and dive into their unique features. 


1. Version Tech One of the best cheap Gaming Mouse


Key Features 

  • 4 DPI Resolution Optical Tracking Technology
  • Ergonomic Design 
  • Universal Compatibility 
  • Easy to use, plug and play 
  • 7-Color RGB Breathing Lights 
  • Six buttons with scroll wheel

The VersionTECH Wired is one of the best cheap Gaming Mouse for many reasons. It offers decent performance and has a cool body as well. The mouse features a very unique, thunder strike type design that glows in 7 different colored lights.

The DPI Resolution Optical Tracking Technology offers a range of different sensitivities on various types of surfaces and a very comfortable experience, overall. 

There’s no need to install any sort of drivers, VersionTECH Gaming Mouse is wholly plugged and play. It comes with six buttons for your gaming ease and an adjustable, scroll-wheel. You can run the mouse with any version of Windows, MAC OS, Linux, etc.

  • Optical tracking technology for increased accuracy

  • Six different buttons to enhance the gaming experience

  • 5 million times keystroke tested

  • Side buttons not working sometimes

  • Problems with the scroll wheel


2. Redragon M602 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse 


Key Features

  • RGB Backlit Mouse
  • User-adjustable DPI
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Built-In Weight Tuning 
  • Smooth TEFLON Feet Pads
  • Seven programmable buttons
  • Wide compatibility range

The Redragon M602 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse is beautifully crafted, designed to give you one of the best gaming experiences thanks to the fantastic features it comes with. The mouse offers seven different adjustable DPI settings with 10G acceleration. Its body is outlined with seven separate colored RGB backlights, which makes it uniquely stand out from all other mice. 

The ergonomic design gives users a firm grip over the mouse to enhance your gaming experience. This, along with the seven programmable buttons add to your comfort when it comes to playing games and perform other various tasks other than gaming. 

The Redragon M602 has a wide compatibility range and runs perfectly with all operating systems, without the need to install any extra drivers. 

  • Seven different adjustable DPI modes

  • Seven programmable buttons

  • High precision sensor for accuracy and responsiveness

  • Five memory profiles with different lights options 

  • The body isn’t quite durable

  • Defects in the cable cord

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3. PICTEK Wired Cheap Gaming Mouse


Key Features

  • 16 million backlight options
  • 30 million clicks lifespan
  • Unique ergonomic design
  • Seven completely programmable buttons
  • Two DPI buttons for easy adjustments
  • Four adjustable polling rates

The PICTEK Wired Gaming Mouse is a beauty and the beast! The black color, along with different colored backlit edges, just makes this mouse so different from all the others. The mouse features seven various DPI adjustments along with four different polling rates, all adjustable, to offer you an amazingly responsive and accurate experience. 

Conquer the gaming world by making use of the seven different programmable buttons in your games and have that added advantage over your opponents. The cheap gaming mouse is super easy to connect and use and offers compatibility with all types of operating systems. 

  • Adjustable four polling rate 

  • Wide DPI range

  • 16 million color backlight 

  • Great customer service

  • Low-quality scroll wheel 

  • Cheap plastic body 


4. CORSAIR Harpoon PRO Gaming Mouse


Key Features 

  • 12000 DPI optical sensor
  • Extremely lightweight
  • 20 million clicks lifespan
  • Ready to plug and play 

This corsair gaming mouse, the Harpoon Pro is a highly sophisticated device, made to give you the best and the most comfortable gaming experience. Its body is super lightweight, somewhere around 85g only. The rubber sides, along with the contoured shape, gives you the kind of grip you need to go on for hours and hours. 

Moreover, the 12000 DPI optical sensor gives you a tracking accuracy like no other, so you can be brilliant with your aiming and win matches on matches. Six different programmable buttons are also present to give you the right in-game advantage. 

  • Great software, to help you control all aspects of the mouse

  • Different RGB lights for various DPI settings

  • Attractive Design

  • The size is too small

  • The body feels like cheap plastic 


5. CORSAIR M55 RGB Pro Wired Ambidextrous Multi-Grip Gaming Mouse


  • Ambidextrous Multi-Grip Design
  • 12400 Adjustable DPI sensor
  • Eight programmable buttons
  • 50 million clicks rated Omron switches

Another amazing corsair gaming mouse, the Corsair M55 Pro Wired Gaming Mouse, is a class apart in the gaming world. The ambidextrous design of the mouse lets you grip and hold the mouse in whatever you want, for as long as you want. What adds to this is the extremely lightweight body, which only weighs 86g. 

The mouse has a 50 million click rate, which means that it is very durable, and you can comfortably use it for a very long time. The eight programmable buttons add more functionality and ease to your gaming experience and let you choose between different playing styles. 

  • Adjustable 12400 DPI sensor

  • Comfortable shape and design

  • The scroll wheel is set low, for easy access

  • Nice, premium texture materials

  • Light and flimsy buttons and scroll wheel

  • Problems with the software


Buying Guide

Picking the best gaming mouse that fits perfectly with the kind of gaming you do is very crucial. For that, you need to know what exactly do you want out of the mouse that you’re going to buy. Every mouse is different in its own unique way. Therefore, you must take into consideration all the various features that a mouse offers. 

Number Of Buttons

First off, you need to figure out the number of buttons you would want on your mouse. This can only be determined by the type of games you play. Usually, games like Dota, Counter-Strike require more buttons for easy switching, etc., whereas some games will only require you to have the first set of right, left, and middle mouse buttons. 

Generally, it is best if you stay realistic and don’t opt for a 7/8 buttoned mouse, just because you can. 

Laser Or Optical

The question of choosing between a laser and an optical mouse these days has a pretty clear answer. Most, if not all, gamers and even regular users opt for optical mice now because of the increased accuracy and reactiveness, optical mice offer. 

Optical mice are lag-free, while laser mouse does lag. There are still a few brands that sell lag-free laser mouse, and they’re probably the only good ones left in business. 

DPI Rating

Next up is the DPI Rating. DPI is dots per inch, which is the distance you move the mouse and how much the cursor moves on the screen. The higher the DPI, the less you’ll have to move the mouse to move the on-screen cursor from point A to point B. 

Some, if not all, mice come with adjustable DPI settings, so you’re allowed to experiment and choose what DPI suits your gaming style and stick to that. That is a great thing to consider, especially if you’re a newcomer in the gaming world. 


You must’ve noticed how many mice come with different backlights, covering the mouse in various designs and patterns. Sure, it looks fantastic, and they sometimes even have the role of helping you determine different DPI modes. 

But, it all comes down to your personal preference in this. If you like unaffected mice, not brightly lit up, then you can smoothly go for mice without any backlighting or maybe just a backlit logo.

If, however, you are a funky gamer, you’re in luck because there are numerous options for you to choose from. 


Last but not least, the price. We’ve shown you some of the best cheap gaming mouse above. You can happily choose from the ones above or go for any other personal preference. The point here to be remembered is the fact that a high price never guarantees the right product. 

Some high-end $100 – $200 mouse end up malfunctioning or breaking down in a matter of few days. 

The brand, rather than the price, better judges the quality of the mouse. Brands like Corsair, Razer, Microsoft, offer some of the best old school and new innovative mice that can help you up to your game. So choose wisely. 


In conclusion, all of the above mice are great. The best part is that they’re all cheap gaming mouse, so even if something goes wrong, you won’t have to worry about having lost your investment in something costly. 

You can anyone of the mice as an experimental mouse and test out your luck. For us, your best option amongst the mice mentioned above can either be the Corsair M55 Pro Wired Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse.

If you’re feeling a little more colorful and vibrant, then the VersionTECH Wired Gaming Mouse can be the right choice for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is the best size for a gaming mouse?

Answer: Mice are available in various sizes in the market. There’s no particular way to determine the ‘best’ format for a mouse. It all comes down to the size of your hand and how comfortably your hand falls onto it and finds a grip on the mic.

Therefore, the size of the gaming mouse is more of a personal preference rather some standardized things. 

Question: Does having a high DPI matter?

Answer: DPI or Dots Per Inch determines your mouse’s responsiveness and sensitivity, therefore if you feel like you can efficiently work with a low DPI mouse as many people do, you shouldn’t worry about having a high DPI gaming mouse. Having a high DPI only increases your sensitivity and responsiveness, and sometimes you might not even be able to control it. 

If you’re unsure about what DPI fits your gaming style, then it’s best if you buy a mouse with adjustable DPI settings and keep experimenting until you find your perfect DPI setting. And from there on, you can use those settings for as long as you feel comfortable. 

Question: Wired or Wireless Gaming Mouse?

Answer: Initially, wireless gaming mice were frowned upon, especially in the gaming community. They also tend to be faulty and not so responsive when they first started coming out. Still, with the passage of time, companies have invested in innovating and improving wireless gaming mice, and they’re now as good as the wired mice. 

Wired mice, however, still, stay on top of the chain. Choosing a wireless or a wired mouse is mostly dependent on your personal preference. Still, most of the real, traditional gamers prefer wired gaming mice, and we think that that will always remain a universal thing. 

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