13 Best True Wireless Earbuds under $150

Many companies in wireless markets are improving sound experiences and quality control over time. To select the best wireless headset for yourself, we have created a list including the top best true wireless earbuds under 150 for phone calls, music listening or running.

Who doesn’t fancy untangled things? We like things that aren’t complicated to handle, whether it is your hair or cords. It’s the 21st century, and notably, several items are going rather wireless for good, so why not headsets?

With the oncoming technological advances, many devices now don’t allow portals for headset wires. iPhone and other technical brand users are quite familiar with this change. Wireless headsets come with advanced noise cancellation and background noise control, which many previously used headsets hadn’t.

Many of us now opt for wireless Earbuds because of their high-level features and compatibility with our devices. They have a pretty good range and coverage for you to work around and listen to without worrying about dealing with the wires and other troubles.

Wireless Earbuds go hand in hand with human modernization. They have an aesthetic appeal too for the people who wear them, especially gamers, and that’s why they have wide ranges in their colors, material, patterns, designs, and sizes.

13 Best True Wireless Earbuds under $150

  1. SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Pro

Wireless Earbuds for Phone Calls

First on my list is Samsung which is known as the most advanced tech store worldwide. From selling cellphones, TVs to earbuds, they provide exceptional quality in a good price range. Although it comes in a few high-end brands, the money is worth it.

Well, this particular piece of small earpiece is great when it comes to sound quality. For a bass fan, it is a must-try. Moreover, the design is sleek yet stylish with a shiny coating. You will also enjoy its active noise cancellation feature, especially when you are on phone calls during a chaotic day.

The 6.5mm tweeters produce excellent sound and are water-resistant as well. People have also tested its phone call quality and gave it a 10/10.

One of the greatest features is its phone case, along with the battery life. The brand varies due to the usage but knows that it lasts long and gets charged up quickly. You can also update the features and settings through the Galaxy Wearable app, which is available on the PlayStore.

The fit is also great as it gets adjusted according to the ear shape and size. Moreover, the build is top-notch and will last long.

  • It is a durable product.
  • The earbuds have great sound quality.
  • It is an incredibly solid pair of earphones.
  • The app only supports Android devices.
  1. Jabra Elite 85t Bluetooth  wireless Earbuds under $150

Wireless Earbuds for Phone Calls

Jabra Elite is indeed a brand of choice for most music lovers that love to spend on various earpieces. If you are looking for premium quality earphones, then this is what you have to fill your cart with. Let’s discuss the features in detail next.

The Elite 85t are engineered with great care and balance, keeping in mind all the necessary features. The adjustable noise control system is astounding and helps you enjoy the phone calls without hustle. What’s more, it has 12mm speakers that produce and deliver crystal clear and crisp voice to the listener.

If you are concerned about its battery span, there is good news for you. This one will last for 25 hours, even if you are using it straight for hours. The exceptional quality lies in the wind protection feature along with its six microphones.

Further, this bundle of joy uses miniaturizing technology and has been launched in the most compact design. Download the JABRA sound app to customize the specifications as per your taste and enjoy the sound. The bass is pretty decent, and phone reception is also solid.

There is an LED indicator that allows you to keep a check at the case when it is in use which is another plus point.

  • It offers a fully adjustable sound control system.
  • The battery lasts up to 25 hours.
  • The button functions can be customized.
  • The new shape of pads is not comfortable

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Best True Wireless Earbuds under $150

Wireless Earbuds for Phone Calls

Third comes another known product from Samsung that is the name of trust. These wireless buds look sleek in their mystic black case that is too light in weight and easy to carry. Here the brand has also included a charging case which is a steal deal at this price!

There are 12mm speakers installed in this version that deliver excellent quality sound and solid noise cancellation features. Moreover, the speakers produce sound by AKG that ensures clear note, either low or high. Right above the speakers is bass ducts to improve the frequencies.

This piece also comes with air vents that tend to remove extra echo or noises from spacious audios. Samsung also claims it to reduce background noises that might distract you a bit. It is done through low-frequency ranges so the sound waves can hit your earbuds more.

Furthermore, a voice assistant makes the task easier, especially when you are in a hurry or need to order something. In short, this is a perfect package for someone who is always on the go and wants to invest in durable and powerful earbuds that too have great battery life.

  • They produce great sound.
  • The fit is very comforting and great.
  • The call quality is great too.
  • The active noise cancellation feature does not work great.

TaoTronics SoundLiberty –  Best true wireless earbuds

Wireless Earbuds for Phone Calls

Fourth is the true wireless earbuds that are the best ones for voice calls. To provide you with a flawless experience of voices, it has made it possible to remove 96% of background noises through this piece of earbuds.

It also has equipped high-quality stereo sound that produces various frequencies of noises. You can choose which one you need to go for as it depends on your needs and preferences. Note that each frequency sounds pretty clear and accurate, so don’t worry about it.

It is one of the finest and travel-friendly products for you with 8 hours of single charge capacity and 30 hours of long-lasting battery life. The Bluetooth 5.0 also does not take long to get connected and does not affect the sound quality by any chance. If you are considering the range, then it produces a chirping sound till 20 meters.

Although there are different lamp lights that it comes with, it changes when the lights fall. For clear calls, there is a built-in mic and noise cancellation feature as well. The coolest specification is its touch control area that allows you to take overall control of the device and adjust it accordingly. Isn’t it great?

  • It comes with smart touch control for smart controlling features.
  • It is great for crystal clear voice calls.
  • The noise cancellation feature is the most noticeable.
  • It is on a bit expensive side.

Skullcandy Sesh Evo Wireless Earbud under $150

Wireless Earbuds for Phone Calls

Coming in such cool colors, Skullcandy has always mesmerized the users with its range of advanced versions and cute designs. Sesh Evo True is one of the instances where they have won the hearts of the customers. These earbuds are not great with their battery life of 24 hours, but they also sound great, and a perfect piece for your meetings and voice calls.

Here you can choose from three different options, which are music, movie, and podcasts. It also runs solo if you are not in the mood to plug in both of them at once. The case it comes with indicates the battery remaining, so it is convenient in this regard.

Its sweat and water-resistant IP55 design can work great in dusty summers and rainy weather. There are call, track, and volume control options available to add comfort and reliability to the product. The safety lies in the Tile technology built-in and allows the user to have a track at the location if you have lost the device or misplaced it by any chance.

In my opinion, it is a perfect device if you are looking for budget-friendly earbuds that too with awesome features.

  • It supports rapid charging and runs smoothly for 24 hours.
  • The earbuds support built-in Tile technology.
  • There is a mic already installed for a better calling experience.
  • The battery life declines as time passes by.

Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds Best True Wireless Earbuds under $150

est True Wireless Earbuds for Phone Calls

Jabra has come up with various versions of their earbuds, including unique features and amazing quality. The most precious part is Alexa’s built-in technology for someone lazy like me.

The brand has engineered this piece of exception with great care, keeping in mind how important a call must sound. From offering great clarity to a superior music experience, it is a win-win. It also claims to run smoothly for five hours straight but charges fast. Moreover, if you are keeping it in the charging case, it would last for 10 hours. Too cool?

Keeping in mind how technology keeps you away from all the worries is also made waterproof and dust-proof. It is done through its IP55 certification for its resistance.

Moreover, this is also a budget-friendly product, so you can easily give it a try. Don’t worry that you are getting anything off at such a low price, and it is much more than a premium set of earpieces. The 65t has also proved to be better than the previous version in durability, sound, and sleek design.

You can also customize the sound by downloading Jabra Sound+ app on your cellphones and make it more lively. It indeed produces well-balanced audio that is crisp as well.

  • It offers active and passive noise cancellation features.
  • It has a waterproof, dust-proof, and sleek design.
  • It provides a comfortable and excellent fit.
  • The battery life could be longer.

Sony WF-XB700 EXTRA BASS True Wireless Earbuds 

est True Wireless Earbuds for Phone Calls

For the longest time, all of us have been relying on Sony, whether it’s TV, headsets, or earbuds. The brand is known for advancing and improving quality and has set its name worldwide. Who is not aware of it? But it’s time to talk about my favorite piece of gadget from them, i.e., Sony WF-XB700.

As a gamer or generally into bass, it is quite difficult to find the right choice. The Sony earbuds are the best because they sound great, are made up of superior quality material, and last long. This one will also be offering convenience and comfort at the same time, making you feel much alive.

Well, the goodness lies in its wire-free design that is smaller and feels lighter. It also offers a battery life of nine and a half hours with multi-functional buttons. They work by controlling the adjustments like play or pause, answer or hang the calls, or whatever you like it to do.

The IPX4 protection-resistant feature is worth noticing that it works by protecting the splashes of water and dust particles. What’s more, this product can be paired up with laptops, android devices, and iOs ones. In other words, you have to fill your cart in with this!

  • It delivers an extra punchy bass sound.
  • The earbuds offer a comfortable and solid fit.
  • It supports quick charging and has durable battery life.
  • The noise cancellation feature is okay.

SENNHEISER CX 400BT True Wireless Earbuds under 150

est True Wireless Earbuds for Phone Calls

If you want a premium version of earbuds with great controls, you know you have landed on the right product. This Bluetooth-enabled wireless device lets you take control with multi-functional exclusive buttons that can also answer your phone calls.

Moreover, it has a boom microphone which produces a great voice. As for the background noises, there is noise cancellation that masks up 96% of unwanted sound. It is much effective for isolating speech. There is also a wide range of color schemes to choose from.

For sound, there is also a built-in equalizer to make the experience more productive and smooth. The ergonomic design has a solid battery life of 20 hours with extra capacity so that you can run it for a longer span. Either you need to go for a soothing sound or enjoy a party of your own; it has got your back.

Thanks to SENNHEISER for producing such high-fidelity sound that can work to fulfill each craving and music taste, regardless of time. You can also customize the controls through its app and add preferences. Tune in the device, connect it to your phone and enjoy a convenient lifestyle with CX 400BT.

  • It is compatible with all devices.
  • It produces high-fidelity sound with comfort and an equalizer.
  • The product is great for a minimalist design and long battery life.
  • There is no active sound cancellation feature offered.

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Beats Powerbeats Pro – best true wireless earbuds

est True Wireless Earbuds for Phone Calls


The beats Powerbeats Pro are recommended for those who are diehard apple products fans. Why? Because it does not just feel light to the pocket compared to the AirPods pro, but it gets connected to apple devices with ease like the Apple H1 Chip.

The earbuds will make you feel at home as you can activate them through “Hey Siri”. Sounds familiar, right? Let’s not get sad because it does not have a transparency mode compared to JABRA earbuds, but it ensures a comfortable fit for almost every ear size.

It is an all-in-one masterpiece as you will be getting top-notch sound quality with further customization and what not? It also is a waterproof design with IP ratings and certifications intact. The bass is worthy enough too!

Moreover, it can last for nine hours straight without charging, making it easier to travel. It might end up in six hours for calls, which is also enough for business meetings and continuous work calls. You can also make its battery life long by keeping it in the case, which adds up to 90 minutes simultaneously.

It is a great option if you have a hectic work routine and need an on-the-go solution for calls, kinds of music, and online meetings.

  • It has volume and track controls.
  • It provides nine hours of battery life.
  • The set is great for traveling.
  • It is a bit expensive option.

Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

est True Wireless Earbuds for Phone Calls


It’s amazing how the Razer store has made it possible to continue improving and enhancing processes while keeping noise cancellation their utmost priority. There are a bunch of models that have been launched and performing well, but this one is the best out there for you to choose from.

The spatial audio feature is the most efficient one here as it creates a 3-D effect such that you can enjoy games, movies, music, and even phone calls.

Having a low latency feature and better functionality also comes with a great-looking case that adds to the class. It means that the calls will not shutter and stay synced for a longer span.

Even simple touch can activate the device that also words through voice assistance. Therefore, it allows the user to switch from their ordinary headsets to jump onto this one. You will also get spare earbud sleeves to make it protected and safe for later use.

The great news is that it works on an IPX4 design that makes it waterproof to be used. It is indeed the best gym partner to get in shape. For an active lifestyle, you can plug these in your earpieces and connect to the virtual world through music, calls, or podcasts. Thus, it can be used for multiple purposes.

  • It offers 60ms input latency for synced voice calls and no shutter.
  • It has a water-resistant design for every weather.
  • There are built-in 13mm drivers.
  • The Bluetooth connection might give you a tough time.

Philips True Wireless Earbuds T8505 

est True Wireless Earbuds for Phone Calls

Phillips is yet another brand that has made connections possible. They always opt for a minimalist design, but it is worth spending due to solid features and quality connectivity. The T8505 is quite different from all the other versions as it is specifically made for ANC, i.e., active noise cancellation. It helps you to enjoy the moment and absorb its goodness while leaving worldly noises behind. It also features passive noise cancellation, which can be customized as per your taste.

Although you will notice noise cancellation, it is not always good to have one. Thus, you can set transparency mode, which lets you listen to the background noise if you need it. It can be a lifesaver, especially when driving, crossing the roads, or busy in an office meeting.

Talking about its audio quality, you will be leaving in awe. This one works great in terms of adjustments as the audio gets easily adjusted that too automatically. You can use the dual mode by enabling the “R” microphone when you are using both earbuds.

Furthermore, if you are using anyone at a time, you can use its microphone not to compromise the voice calls. The model has a capacity of 2600mAh battery which is a record, in my opinion. It would also open the cradle cover automatically to get it connected and charged when not in use.

  • It has IPX5 waterproof functionality.
  • It is easy to check the battery level.
  • The model has 6 hours of playtime in dual mode.
  • They do not offer a solid fit.

Philips ActionFit ST702 True Wireless Earbuds

est True Wireless Earbuds for Phone Calls

Another one from Philips is ST702 which is exceptional at performing tasks at a great pace but is great for stereo music. The brand has been serving for a long and knows the demands of customers. That is why they have now introduced their UV cleaning charging case for extra protection.

It is also such a portable device that can fit in small spaces, even in pockets, and can be carried as they are light in weight. The product offers 18 hours of playtime charging without any hustle, which is the most amazing feature. If you have charged it for one time, it will last six and a half hours, as per the reviews.

Moreover, there are also a few buttons that allow you to enjoy controls. You can pause or play the device and receive calls without taking the phone out. The Bluetooth connectivity is okay, too, as it gets connected with ease and does not interrupt the music. They also tend to remember the device they have paired up for further assistance.

  • Fifteen minutes of charging can last for one and a half hours.
  • Buttons can control and music and calls.
  • The wingtips are soft and feel comfortable.
  • The design is too minimal.

Atune analog Wireless Earbuds

est True Wireless Earbuds for Phone Calls

Last but another top pick of mine is atune analog wireless earbuds that are surely one of the most demanding products of the current time. The reason is its compatibility and good fit that looks great and comfortable too. The 5.0 Bluetooth is yet one of the best ones out there as it connects from a far distance and works great.

It also features an incoming call broadcast function and other options too. They include controlling the playback speed, pause the music or audio, and picking up the call. You can also use it up for 24 hours.

When you consider the sound quality, it is of stereotype, and you can activate it through voice assistance. It is also clear and of high frequency that works great with deep bass as well. Moreover, the ergonomic design looks great and matches your outfits well. Its strong connection will work till 33ft which is also a plus!

You might need to look for the automated power-on feature as it gets switched on once you take it out of the case. Thus there is no hustle while connecting it. The calls are smooth because of its 3-microphone system that does not let you get distracted.

The mics on the outer side work together, whereas the inner ones tend to work as noise cancellation and block extra sounds. It is for you to enjoy a clear voice call with zero disturbance and non-synced audios.

  • It is compatible with android as well as apple devices.
  • The range is great.
  • It offers one-button control.
  • The LED status light is too bright.

What to look for when buying the best true wireless earbuds under $150

Getting yourself the ideal earbuds can be a task as there are billions of options in the market. Here are a few things that you should know before getting one.

  • Bluetooth connection

Be it your wireless buds or headphones, having a check on Bluetooth connection is a must. It is the only way your device can get connected to your cell phone or laptops. As both of them are separated, it is a must to look at both of them individually. Then pair them up to check the clarity of voice.

  • Sound quality

Next comes the sound quality. As the earbuds are portable, they usually produce a studio-graded sound that is sharp and clear. It is preferred to pair both of them to your phone and make a call to check the audio. They should not only feel comfortable, but the sound should feel great and clear.

  • Style and comfort

Style and comfort should also be prioritized in this regard. The earpiece should be padded so it might not hurt your ear canal. There are various earbuds for different ear shapes and sizes; thus, it depends on you to choose the best one that would fit great. There is also various color ranges so that you can choose your specifications accordingly.

Moreover, the fit should be accurate and great. Many earbuds lack both of them, although the sound quality is great. Do not fall for something that has a unique design but does not work well.

FAQs about best true wireless earbuds

  • How can I know if my earbuds have a mic or not?

All the earbuds might not have a mic installed already with them. You can look up for the specifications to know if yours has one or not. Usually, the mics are placed on the right earbuds, and thus if you rub it against any surface, the listener will notice the voice. Moreover, you will need to talk a bit louder so that the person listening to you can hear you.

  • Are wireless earbuds worth it?

As the world is advancing, most of us do not want to get into de-tangling the wires now and then. It is why wireless earbuds are high in demand. Keep that in mind not every earbud can be worth it as it depends upon the quality and the brand you are using. You should also keep a check on the specifications it is offering and get satisfied as per your preferences.

  • What are the best affordable true wireless earbuds under $150 that work great too?

Skullcandy is known for producing the most affordable and amazing earbuds. You can also choose the color range and style the way you like it. The product specifications are also premium and last long.

Final Words

Voila! You have made it till the end of my today’s article. I am glad that you have reached here and read this bundle of knowledge about wireless earbuds. Here was everything you should know while buying a piece of wireless earbuds for your meetings and voice calls.

From pros and cons to the product description, I have covered it all. Now it’s time for you to choose the best true wireless earbuds under $150 for phone calls so that you can work freely in your workplace.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article as all of the devices are easy to use and extremely portable. Get yourself amazing earbuds now, and let me know in the comments about the title of my next article.