13 Best Beats Wireless Earbuds with Ear Hooks 2021

Best Wireless Earbuds with Ear Hooks

If you are a runner, you might often find yourself competing with your gym buddies. Watching your competitors complete their entire workout with secured earphones may feel frustrating. If you feel this way, this article is recommended to you. When your gym buddies are acing their workout, you might start feeling jealous. You are still struggling with your ordinary headphones because they keep falling out. You must realize that this ear envy is valid, and now is the best time to deal with it. Luckily, we have a solution that is perfect for you – best wireless earbuds with  ear hooks.

These earbuds are designed for people who want comfortable and easy earphones. Something that would help them excel in their physical activities. People who want to enjoy their favorite music or podcasts. Aside from the workout, wireless earbuds are the best option for you in many ways. For instance, one may want to use them while running errands, lifting weight, etc.

Pretty much every routine task essential part of your life seems easy when music is on. Now you are aware of the right solution that is out there. But plenty of brands claiming to offer top-notch wireless headphones with hooks. So, who would you trust? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Keep scrolling to learn more about our top picks. Here are the best wireless earbuds with ear hooks that are available in the market.

Top 13 wireless Earbuds with Ear Hooks

  1. Apple Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds – Best Wireless Earbuds with Ear Hooks


t Wireless Earbuds with Ear Hooks

Apple acquired beats by Dre in 2014. The Powerbeats earbuds represent the same quality as Apple is famous for. Since Apple took over Dre, these earbuds are their best product so far. The earbuds with a charging case and offer wireless juice for 24 hours. So, you can enjoy unlimited music during your never-ending work shift. You can even rock them with your favorite jam at home. It comes with a wide carrying case which is capable of storing almost four Airpods. Yet, the case is very robust.

Powerbeats wireless earbuds are manufactured with a brilliant design. The crossbar section is there to store the batteries for each bud. This section was present in previous earbuds as well. But now, it is consolidated with the hard stem that goes up to around the back of the ears.

Besides, considering the sensitivity of the ear, the part that wraps over it is now made much softer. You will get a completely comfortable and pleasant music listening experience with it. This unique shape gave it a more coherent look which its predecessors did not have in the past.

One of the factors that make Powerbeats pro stand out is their variety of sizes of in-ear tips. It offers a greater customizable fit. It allows a huge number of people to fit it in their ears. This factor is important to people who have tried Airpods before, and they kept falling out of their ears.

Powerbeats pro wireless earbuds are light provided to their shape and size. Due to the lightweight, they remain very stable. No matter how intense your workouts are, these earbuds will never fall out.

Apple is aware of how incompatible touch controls are with wet (read: sweaty) hands. Hence, with Powerbeats Pro, the company has stayed with mechanical controls. Each of the buds has a symmetrical arrangement. Its ring-shaped ‘b’ logo controls the playback of music alongside managing calls. Right above that, you’ll find a tiny volume rocker.

  • Very comfortable and steady during exercise
  • Sweat and waterproof
  • Rich sound
  • Excellent battery life
  • Large carrying case
  1. Apple Beats Powerbeats Wireless Earphones

t Wireless Earbuds with Ear Hooks

Now that you have read the details about Powerbeats pro wireless earbuds, you must be very pressed by it. Yet, the price of the product is quite high. Not every one of us is willing to pay this much for a pair of good-quality earbuds. Do you want similar features but at a lower price? It would be best if you considered buying Powerbeats Wireless Earphones. Like Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds, its predecessor offers adjustable ear hooks. It is providing the utmost security while you indulge in different physical activities.

Talking about the design, this amazing set of earbuds is created with a pretty simple design. The body of each piece has an earbud that sticks out of the side of an ear tip. It will further twist into the ear canal. On the other end, there is a hook looping over your ear’s back. This would help hold it in a place. This design makes the earbuds smooth, comfortable, and secure. To adjust the fit, you can bend the ear hook. Don’t worry about them coming off, and shake your head as hard as you want.

It comes with the cables that go behind your neck. Thanks to the cables, you are free to take the earbuds out of your ears and let them hang around the neck. Like the design, the controls are also simple and one-sided. The pairing and power button are on the left earbud. The multi-purpose Beats logo, along with the volume rocker, is on the right earbud. All in all, it is one of the great sets of exercise earphones. The features you are getting at the given price are remarkable.

  • Good cable routing
  • Solid connectivity
  • Secure fit
  • Good sound
  • Volume control
  • Long battery life
  • Expensive
  1. JLab JBuds Air Sport:

t Wireless Earbuds with Ear HooksFor people looking for a fine set of earbuds in a reasonable price range, Jlab’s JBuds are worth giving a shot. Like every good-quality earbud, JBuds Air Sports are completely waterproof. They offer a long battery life, all at an affordable price.

The ear hooks in the JBuds Air Sport are built into the earpiece. They are super secure during intense exercise. They are available in black color and have a silver JLab logo on both earbuds, giving an elegant look. The creators have included one pair of foam eartips with three pairs of silicone eartips. This further assures the security of these earbuds.

Other than the right fitting, these earbuds can be your go-to gym earphones. They have received an amazing IP66 rating. The first 6 indicates that the earphones are dust-proof. The second 6 is the representation of the earphones being waterproof. They are capable of withstanding strong water pressure. But the rating is only for the earbuds, the case is not waterproof, so you need to be careful while handling it.

About its performance, these earphones offer two different modes, Bass Boost and Balanced. The earphones provide immense low-frequency presence. You can try out the track having intense sub-bass content, such as ‘Silent Shout’ of The Knife. This will be appreciated by true bass lovers. Even though at the top listening level, there is no distortion. At moderate levels, the lows might give off overwhelming mixed feelings. The sound is never muddy, but the sound of the bass feels too boosted at some points.

The balanced mode provides hollowed out and nasal sound. Due to the same reason, it’s better to stay with their signature mode. These earbuds offer you a secure fit. With strong battery life and water resistance, they make one of the best choices at the given price.

  • IP66 rating
  • Case integrated with charging cable
  • Fast charging
  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • Be Aware and Isolation mode
  • No aptX, only AAC

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  1. JBL Endurance Peak II – Best Wireless Earbuds with Ear Hooks


t Wireless Earbuds with Ear HooksThese earbuds are offering Solid audio, a sturdy build, and incredible water resistance. These are the main qualities that defined the great JBL Endurance Peak II earbuds. Along with an IPX7 rating, these earbuds offer a wide range of excellent features—for instance, extra bass, security, easy-to-operate, and uncomplicated controls.

JBL Endurance Peak II earbuds are available in white, black, and blue models. The hook design latched over your ear to ensure a secured fit. Three pairs of silicone eartrips, in small, medium, and large-sized, are included. As mentioned earlier, these earbuds provide an IPX7 rating.

Now you must be wondering what does it mean? It indicates that the earphones are capable of being submerged for about a meter. The rating tells you that they are water resilient. You may find it difficult for the Bluetooth signals to work smoothly underwater. Moreover, the earbuds will keep their performance even in heavy rain.

The controls are designed to provide a trouble-free operating experience. You can skip forward a track by tapping on the left earbud once. A double-tap will navigate back a track. By tapping the right earbud once, you can pause and play the music. With the double-tapping, you can call for the device’s assistant. You can also manage incoming calls and volume with the taps on your fingers.

About its audio quality, the main focus of JBL Endurance Peak II is bass. These earbuds are created to be gym-friendly. Increased bass response blocks out the sound from the gym and even the street. Furthermore, it intensified the playback music, providing the ultimate music listening experience.

  • Bass-forward and powerful sound
  • Secure fit
  • Completely water-resistant design
  • Absence of apps
  1. Plantronics BackBeat Fit 2100

t Wireless Earbuds with Ear HooksFor runners, it is very important to save their energy. They cannot afford to waste their energy. Especially in untangling the wires countless times when your buddies are acing workouts. You need to value your energy and try out the incredible Plantronics BackBeats Fit 2100. They are completely fuss-free earbuds. Their simplicity, durability, and water resilience are one of the most significant factors. These factors helped them become one of the best earbuds available in the market.

Like every other earbud, BackBeat Fit 2100 also has its distinctive look and design. On a short rubber cord, the earbuds are set. The rubber cord runs over the back of the head from one ear to the other. Some people have oddly-shaped ears in which fitting the earbuds is a challenging task. Even so, with BackBeat Fit 2100 earbuds, ears of all types can find the solutions.

With this set of earbuds, you will hear very little but the necessary ambient noise. Plantronics is keeping up with its notion of “Always Aware.” It keeps you protected from approaching cars, bikes, people, or animals on the street.

The original Backbeats Fits consisted of utilitarian neon colors. But this new addition of BackBeats Fit 2100 earbuds comes in a sounded black band. It also has a metallic sheen on each earbud. According to Plantronics, it represents a pair of mirrored sunglasses.

As for the controls, managing your audio is easier than ever. On the right earbud, the button is there to help you skip forward or pause a track. On the left earbud, you’ll find the button that helps you control the volume.

The battery is robust and offers a very long life. You will get a full seven hours non-stop audio-listening experience. It is more than enough even for runners or hikers. The one-time charge can last for four to five days if you want to go for runs and walks daily or even twice daily. Even after the battery-low warning, they are capable of lasting for another half an hour.

  • User-friendly controls
  • Exceptionally comfortable
  • Water and sweat-resistant
  • Fashionable
  • Flexible
  • Average sound
  1. Bose SoundSport True Wireless Earbuds

t Wireless Earbuds with Ear HooksThe next earbuds on our list are Bose SoundSport True Wireless Earbuds. This remarkable set of sport earbuds have the rating of IPX4 splash-resistance. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.1, these earbuds come in three colors. They also have a very aesthetic design which makes them look exceptional.

When it comes to the comfort level of customers, Bose SoundSport never disappoints. The earbuds are super comfortable to wear. It makes them more attractive for gym-going people and gives them a reason to try it. However, these earbuds are recommended to runners than bikers. Bikers may find these earbuds quirky as it creates wind noises.

The sound of Bose Sound-sport earbuds is good. The previous earbuds produced by Bose were great. They were observed to be pumping out strong low-end. The same is the case with the current earbuds. It Mid-range and Treble frequencies also exaggerated. When you listen for the first time, you may find the highs to be detailed.

Bose did an amazing job with the reproduction of an altered sound signature. Exercise enthusiasts find it extremely appealing.

  • Exceptional sound
  • Secure and comfortable fit
  • IPX4 splash-resistant
  • Robust wireless connection
  • Small and light in size.
  • Absence of Bluetooth multipoint
  1. Zulu Exero Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

t Wireless Earbuds with Ear HooksZulu has created a range of personal out-of-ear products. They are designed especially for people who want modified ways to listen. They work on a brilliant philosophy. They love music, audiobooks, and podcasts. However, they do not sacrifice their comfort-ability and safety. You should not compromise on these things either. If the concept of bone conduction is new to you, let us explain. They are usually called out of ear devices. They use transducer technology for sending the vibration through the bone. Usually, it starts in the jaws and leads to the temporal bone. Hence, the vibration misses out on the eardrum and ear canal. Actually, it aims towards the inner ear. You get to listen to the audio, but your surroundings don’t block.

Exerio earphones represent the powerful technology created by Zulu. These earphones are immensely light-weighted and comfortable. They also include Bluetooth 5.0. They have a rating of IPX5. It represents the water and splash resistance of these devices.

At first, this new technology might seem strange and weird to some. It becomes normal with the passage of time. Due to this new technology, these earphones stand out in the market. There are many unique qualities present in these earbuds. For instance, you don’t need to readjust the earbuds in your ears over and over.

Some people want to enjoy their favorite tracks. But they don’t want to turn off the world around them. This technology is perfect for such people. The sound quality is clear, crisp, and fine.

  • Easy and quick to set up
  • Affordable
  • Flexible
  • Fine sound quality
  • Stable, quick, and fast
  • Challenging to wear with sunglasses or a hat

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  1. Sony WF-1000XM3 Wireless Earbuds – Best Wireless Earbuds with Ear Hooks


Earbuds with Ear HooksSony’s earbuds had become popular right after their launch. These earbuds provide one of the finest sound qualities. Sony keeps up with their noise cancellation. One can listen to their favorite audio for nine hours continuously. The battery is super strong.

When the product was originally launched, customers had some complaints. The latest edition provides the solutions to all those complaints. This set is better looking than the previous ones. Besides, the signals are quite strong. You would rarely face an issue of signal loss. The battery life has also been improved. The most distinctive feature of Sony Tune Wireless Earbuds is noise cancellation. This factor differentiates the earbuds from the others available.

The latest set looks more professional and sleeker. Their predecessors had shiny looks. But these earbuds are different in view. Song has included many ear tips in earbuds. It is to help people find their ideal fit. Overall, there are seven options.

For touch controls, each piece has a circular area. With the left earbud, you can adjust noise cancellation. The right one is for audio playback. If you tap the left earbud, it will toggle between noise cancellation and ambient sound mode.

The mic quality is also solid. When you call someone, your voice will be clear to them. During calls, noise cancellation remains active. It will help you listen to the other person. Usually, Sony received good reviews for this product. Hence, the customers are happy with their purchase.

  • Noise cancellation
  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Long battery life
  • Sleek, classy, and elegant look
  • It is capable of pairing only one device at a time.

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  1. Treblab XR700 Bluetooth Earbuds

Earbuds with Ear HooksThese earbuds are specially designed for sports enthusiasts. But there is a twist. You can just look at the set, and you’ll recognize that these are the finest. The brand has emphasized more on the comfort of its customers. Their comfort level makes them stand out from other sets.

Their aesthetics are just like ordinary earbuds. They are simple and easy to operate. At the end of the consoles are the projected eartips. They are angled uniquely. This angle helps the users fit the earbuds in their ears easily.

Many sport earbuds are made waterproof for workout enthusiasts. These earbuds are capable of resisting water too. XR700 are IPX7 certified earbuds. Thu can resist a light drizzle. You can also use them in the shower.

It has five multifunction buttons. You can use them to turn on and off your headset. You can also change the volume. Starting and stopping the audio is also possible with the controls. The controls are made self-explanatory. It is for the feasibility of the users.

This set of earbuds offers a maximum of nine hours of battery life. For paired earbuds, nine hours is a high average. With the help of the micro-USB port, you can recharge the battery.

Furthermore, these earbuds come with Bluetooth 5.0. However, CR7000 offers nearly 33-feet connectivity. This distance is enough for athletes and gym buddies.

The noise isolation is good, but not great. It becomes better once you turn on the audio. For real noise isolation, you should try out memory foam ear tips. These eartips expand in your ear canal. They will provide protection closer to 39dB.

  • The ear hook is adjustable
  • True HD sound
  • Fine microphones
  • Passive noise cancellation
  • Uncomfortable with glasses

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  1. Jabra Elite 851

Earbuds with Ear HooksJabra launched its Elite 65t earbuds in 2018. Those earbuds proved that the brand is one of the best creators of earbuds. Fast forward to 2019, Jabra launched more advanced earbuds. They were named Elite 75t. They also earned a high position in the market soon after the launch. However, both of these sets did not have active noise cancellation. This problem is solved with the latest edition of Elite earbuds, called the Elite 85t.

With these earbuds, Jabra has become one of the fiercest competitors.

Jabra 85t are nearly similar to its predecessors in terms of design. However, the holes for microphones are smaller. The fit that these earbuds offer is very secure. The controls of Jabra Elite 85t are similar to Jabra Elite 75t. You can play or pause your audio with the button on the right side.

This button can also control volume and manage voice assistants. The left button is for skipping track (ahead and forward). It is also for turning down the volume. You can remap these functions by using the Jabra app’s MyControls feature.

Let’s talk about noise cancellation. Jabra has successfully created advanced active noise cancellation. You can completely block your surrounding noise with this feature.

Its small size and distinctive design avoid fatigue. The earbuds are semi-open to the relief vent. It can further reduce the feeling of using earplugs rather than earbuds.

  • Strong ANC
  • Sound options are custom
  • Comfy size
  • Wireless charging
  • Ordinary sound quality
  1. Letsfit D32 Bluetooth Headphones

Earbuds with Ear HooksFinding the right earbuds is difficult. There are many brands providing amazing products. When the user is a workout lover, the earbuds should be waterproof. They should also have long battery life. However, a limited price range can be a barrier in finding the perfect earbuds. Do you want all these features, but your budget is tight? You should consider buying Letsfit D32 Bluetooth True Wireless Earbuds.

The letsfit Bluetooth Headphones provide amazing sound quality and great battery life. At first, you might think that they are just like ordinary earbuds. Their design seems like normal earbuds. Even the charging case looks pretty basic. But it is their performance that distinguishes them.

As compared to their predecessors, these earbuds are impressive. They include Bluetooth 5.0. Thus, all the features associated with the Bluetooth 5.0 are available.

The battery technology used in these earbuds is advanced. The comfort level is far better than the previous editions. Their charging case is generic. But it is wide and elegant.  The earbuds have received an IPX5 certification. It means that they can resist rain and sweat. It also resists dust, grit, and sand. Nevertheless, you should avoid using these earbuds in heavy rain.

On the exterior of each piece, there is a large button. You must press the button for activation. You can use the earbuds while wearing gloves. With one tap, you can control the volume. Tapping can also manage calls and skip the tracks. The audio quality is good. They focus more on delivering clarity. There is a soft emphasis on vocal performance. Their nature is more neutral. They do not lean heavily towards a specific genre. Numerous music lovers like listening to various types of music. For such people, these earbuds are a plus.

  • Good audio quality
  • Great battery life
  • Sweat, water, and weather-resilient
  • Easy to connect and pair
  • Heavy and bulky in size
  1. Jaybird Vista

Earbuds with Ear HooksThe brand launched Jaybird, and it faces numerous challenges right after the launch. Hence, it was a bumpy start for the product. However, that is not the case with Jaybird Vista. Jaybird Vista is far better than its predecessor. These buds are sporty and sleeky. It’s like the brand has redeemed itself by launching Jaybird Vista.

The earbuds are IPX7 certified. They come with a compact charging case. The chipset in Jaybird Vista is updated. Due to the same reason, its connection is consistent.

This product is much suitable for athletes. Several users must be planning to buy Jaybird Run. They should rather give Jaybird Vista a shot.

The build of these earbuds is bulky and rounded. Even during intense workout sessions, the earbuds will remain well fit. By default, the Wingtip is installed in these earbuds.

Each piece comes with a flat button featuring the Jaybird logo. With the help of the default setting, you can control playback and calls. You can download the Jaybird MySound app to get further controls.

The brand states that the earbuds provide six-hour battery life. This time is sufficient for workouts. They charge quickly. In five minutes of charging, they’ll provide one hour of playback. If you charge it fully, it will take 2 hours. The battery life after full charging is 10 hours.

Now let’s come to the audio quality. Their emphasis is slightly shifted towards the low-end. Vista has become more versatile due to the same reason. The sound of a core instrument like the piano matters a lot in music. Such instruments sound great in these earbuds.  The mic does not work extraordinarily well. Sometimes the voice feels unnatural and gargled.

  • Independent use of earbuds.
  • Great battery life
  • Well fitted in ears.
  • While watching videos, it starts to lag.

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  1. Sony WF-SP800N – Best Wireless Earbuds with Ear Hooks


Earbuds with Ear HooksSony WF-SP800N is are extremely convenient due to its small size. The absence of wire makes them more effective to the customers. In the wireless earbuds’ market, numerous brands have entered. But many of them are facing challenging issues with their products. The main issues include connection and secured fitting. A long-lasting battery is also a basic need for these earbuds. However, Sony claims to solve all three problems. Their solution is Sony WF-SP800N.

One if the very important things in the earbuds are their charging case. The charging case with these earbuds wonderful. However, it is not pocketable.

They fit in well in the ears. You can control the playback with touch-sensitive pads. You can hear many fainter voices surrounding you while playing music. It helps you stay connected with the world around you.

The earbuds are well-created. They have a rating of IP55. They are safe from sweat and dirt particles. The brand has used the twist-to-lock mechanism. It results in a perfect fitting.

Moreover, its connectivity could be better. Sony states that the earbuds have a nine-hour battery time. Another important aspect for any earbud is active noise canceling. For ANC, these earbuds are not excellent. However, the sound will be fully blocked at frequencies more than 1kHz.

The sound that it delivers is energetic and well-balanced. Runners will definitely enjoy their training session.

  • Great sound with powerful bass.
  • Active noise canceling
  • Amazing battery life
  • Excellent touch controls
  • Water-resistant
  • Secure fit
  • The absence of XL eartips in the box.

Buyer’s Guide: What should you consider Before Buying the Best Wireless Earbuds with Ear Hooks?

You have gone through a detailed review of our top picks. Now, it’s time to decide. Which one are you going to pick? Does this decision seem difficult? We can help you.

Here are some of the factors that you should consider before buying a new earbuds set.

  1. Sound Quality

This is an extremely important factor. You should never buy earbuds without testing the audio quality. Various earbuds focus on different audio spectrum parts. You need to choose the earbuds that suit your taste.

  1. Design

The design and build-up of the earbuds matter a lot. Some people never want to compromise on the design of the earbuds. Even if it means sacrificing the sound quality a little, you should ask yourself if you care about your earbuds’ design. If you do, buy accordingly.

  1. Battery

Do you want to play uninterrupted audio for a long time? If yes, you should consider the battery life. We recommend choosing earbuds that offer a long-lasting battery life. You may sacrifice the design. But earbuds with good sound quality and long battery life are excellent combinations.

  1. Comfort

The main purpose of using earbuds is to enjoy music comfortably. If your earbuds are not comfy enough, they are not worth buying. Always check for comfort. It provides a great audio-listening experience.

  1. Water-Resistance

Runners and athletes should always go for water-resistant earbuds. Many people do intense workouts with music on. You don’t want your set to be affected by your sweat. Hence, water resistance is a very important factor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. How do wireless earbuds with hooks work?

They can get connected with the help of Bluetooth 5.0. Once connected, you can start playing your favorite audio.

  1. Who should buy Wireless Earbuds with hooks?

It is designed for people who want secured and comfortable earbuds. They are usually water-resistant. Due to the same reason, these earbuds also target gym enthusiasts.

  1. What should be my budget while buying wireless earbuds with hooks? 

It depends on the features that you are looking for. All earbuds vary in price. It all boils down to the qualities do you want in your earbuds.


Earbuds with hooks were introduced to make our lives easy. Numerous tech giants work endlessly on these devices. Their main goal is to satisfy their customers by providing the best quality.  You have read thorough research about the best wireless earbuds with ear hooks. We hope that it will help you pick your perfect match. You won’t regret spending your hard-earned money on these beautiful devices.

For further information, you should read customer reviews on various platforms.