Best budget backpacking tents for camping [Reviews]

Best budget backpacking tents!

One essential gear for you to have while you are travelling is a backpacking tent. But given the popularity in such tents, a lot of manufacturers have raised the price of backpacking tents.  People put aside the idea of travelling altogether when they see how much accommodation is going to cost. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend all your money on a backpacking tent.

In fact, after reading this article, you would be armed with enough information to buy a backpacking tent without killing your budget. In this article, we are going to list the best budget backpacking tents. You should not be spending money on features of a backpacking tent you would have no use for.  We are also going to discuss a few factors you need to consider before buying one.

So without further ado, let’s delve right in:

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NatureHike Cloud-Up:




We would like to start our list by talking about this backpacking tent by NatureHike. NatureHike is a household name when it comes to manufacturing quality products that people can use outdoors without any trouble. This tent is no different. Since this tent comes with a 1,2 and 3-person model, this would be especially good for people who are travelling with friends.

One of the most exciting features of this tent is that it is lightweight. You can easily carry it and mount it wherever you want. Some people might think that being lightweight means that the tent would not be able to hold its ground. That is simply not true. It can keep quite well, even in winter environments.

With the backpacking weighing only 2.2 kilograms, you would not need to worry about straining your shoulders and arms. The inner part of the tent is manufactured from B3, ultralight and highly breathable mesh so the bugs can keep out while you relax. The vestibule of the tent is situated at the front. Considering the tent’s design, the vestibule is satisfactory. If the vestibule were larger, the usable space inside the tent would have been reduced.

Overall, the tent might not be ideal for extreme weather, but it has excellent features- including being lightweight and compact- that would make it suitable for standard camping.

  • It is lightweight

  • It is compact
  • It can accommodate 1, 2 and 3 persons
  • It is not suitable for extreme temperatures

Bessport Camping Tent:


Best budget backpacking tents



One of the most comfortable backpacking tents out in the market has to be this one by Bessport. What we loved about this tent is that it has excellent features which make it seem like this would be quite heavy, not just in size but price too, but that is not the case. Talking about excellent features, the first one that should be mentioned is the two D-shaped doors and vestibules.

This means that two campers can quickly get in and out of this tent. It has some weather-resistant specifications- including 7001 series aluminium alloy stakes, welded floor design, reflective anti-wind guyline and fully covered rainfly- that makes this tent one of the best when it comes to protecting yourself from high-temperature conditions.

All of the features mentioned above might make you think that this tent would be difficult to set up. That is far from the truth. It is incredibly convenient to set up. Moreover, you would not need to disassemble it if you need to move it. The inside of the tent consists of micro-mesh walls that happen to be very reliable.

It is reliable enough to keep the annoying insects away while also giving you the liberty to enjoy the view without any distraction. Additionally, the micro-mesh inside is beneficial when it comes to circulating fresh air. So, if you are looking for a backpacking tent that weighs less, gives you privacy during the night and warmth as well, then you are going to find this tent interesting.

  • It is equipped with no-see micro-mesh

  • It has a sturdy, weather-resistant construction
  • It is lightweight
  • The box in which the tent comes has a foul odor

Alvantor Camping Tent:


Best budget backpacking tents


There is a reason why Alvantor named this tent No.1 lightest tent of the year. It weighs only 2.6 pounds, making it convenient for people with all ages to carry it on their backpacks. The weight is similar to that of an average laptop. If you can take a laptop without hurting your back or shoulders, then you would have no time carrying this backpacking tent too.

One feature that makes this tent different from the rest of the tents is the pole frame. Unlike the other counterparts of the tent, it is not manufactured from aluminium. Instead, it is made from fibreglass. While some people might find fibreglass less reliable, we are glad to tell those people that the fibreglass is sturdy enough to be durable and long-lasting too.

Alvantor is a brand known for making tents that are convenient to set up. So, setting this tent up would be something you would be able to do in just a few minutes. It is equipped with excellent ventilation. There is a mesh on top of the tent and the front door as well. You can easily enjoy the camping experience in this tent while breathing in the fresh air.

The compact size of the tent makes it excellent for different places- including beaches, campsites and parks. The company Alvantor is based in the USA. This means you can get a quick response from them in case you ever face a problem with this tent.

  • It does well under light showers

  • It comes with additional storage for you to keep your stuff at one place
  • The poles are manufactured from fibreglass
  • It would not be able to do well under heavy rainfall

Yodo Lightweight 2 Person:


Best budget backpacking tents



If you are looking for a budget backpacking tent perfect for hiking and travel camping, then this next tent by Yodo would be attractive for you to look at. Among the rest of the tents, it stands out by having a vast mesh sidewall, thus, giving you the perfect view of the sky to look at during the night. Moreover, the mesh also does an excellent job of keeping the mosquitoes from getting it.

The tent comes with a two-pole design- making it easier for you to set it up and take it down. It also has a rainy fly vented roof. Though it does not cover the whole tent, it still performs excellently considering the price of the tent. The zippers of this tent also happen to be very durable- you can easily use them from outside as well as from the inside.

But perhaps the best feature about this tent is the electricity accessibility port. This means that you can charge your laptops, phones and other electronic devices in the tent. This feature comes in handy if you have decided to camp somewhere far from the city. In an unlikely case of an emergency, a fully charged smartphone has a lot of benefits than you might think.

The tent comes with the following contents: a rain fly vented roof, two durable glass fibre poles, four metal stakes, four wind ropes and a storage bag. The tent comes with a bag so you can easily travel without facing any difficulties. The bag is also helpful when you want to relocate your camp.

  • It features two-way zipper accessibility

  • It has an extra-large mesh
  • It has a two-pole design to be easily set up
  • It is manufactured with a single-layer material, thus, making it less durable under extreme weather conditions

HIGH PEAK South Col 4:


Best budget backpacking tents


People who have a hard time setting up their tents would find this tent interesting. No one wants to spend more of his time pitching a tent and less of his time enjoying the inside of a tent. This tent has been manufactured in such a way that it can be easily set up. And the credit for that goes to the free-standing design. Additionally, the tent comes with clips and rings at the bottom of the pole, which, consequently, make the setting up process much more manageable.

Other exciting features of this tent include being very stable. The tent performs exceptionally against winds. And the reason for the stability has to be the main poles, which are 9.5mm and opening poles, which are 8.5mm. What’s even better is the poles are made out of aluminium, which is known for holding its ground against the winds. You can also use the guy ropes if you want to make the tent more stable.

The tent is manufactured out of polyester, which is capable of performing quite good against weather elements. The inner tent and the rainfly are also manufactured from breathable ripstop polyester. The rainfly is also coated with polyurethane. This feature makes it water-resistant. It can withstand water column up to 3000mm while the ground of the tent can withstand water column up to 5000mm.

Overall, the tent is excellent for accommodating 2 or 3 persons. Two campers can fit even more conveniently due to the lightweight feature of the tent.

  • It has a free-standing design

  • It is spacious enough to fit two adults easily
  • It is waterproof
  • The stakes of the tent are not durable

Abco Tech Pop-up Tent:


Best budget backpacking tents





After reading the name of the tent, you might get an idea of how the tent is going to work and what its features are. All you need to do to set it up is look for an ideal spot where you want to camp and pop open this tent in a blink. This means you spend more time enjoying your camping experience and less time installing and then uninstalling this tent.

Much of the features of this tent is similar to the tent by Bessport, including the same floor area and two doors for two campers to quickly get in and get out. The height of this tent is not big enough. So tall people might not be as comfortable inside it. But who’s going to love this tent is people who value their privacy. Since it is constructed with double-layer doors which are combined with two separate zippers, you can switch from privacy to ventilation anytime you want.

As this tent comes with a window at the front and a window at the back, you can easily enjoy the view around you. The material with which the tent is manufactured with is of high quality, to ensure durability. It has durable stitching to make sure that it doesn’t quickly get any rips or tears. It is perfect for accommodating two people.

The tent comes with a carry bag you can easily store it in and carry with you wherever you want. Additionally, it also comes with a small bag so you can keep some extra accessories on it. Whether you store the bag in your home or your car, it occupies little space.

  • Auto setup design causes instant set up

  • Two windows
  • You can easily switch between breathability and privacy
  • It is not ideal for long people

FLYTOP 3-4 Season 1-2-person:

budget backpacking tents


While some tents perform well in only one of the seasons, there are others which can handle all four seasons. This tent by Flytop is an example of the latter tents. At this price, the fact that it is capable of handling all four seasons says a lot about it. The tent is made in China, but don’t let that fool you. As compared to other tents, it happens to be very lightweight. Additionally, when packed, it is also very compact.

However, the most prominent feature of this tent has to be the snow skirt at the bottom of the rain fly. If you know a little bit about backpacking tents, then you would understand that fain flies, often, don’t go all the way to the ground. During such instances, wind can quickly enter the tent and end up decreasing the thermal performance. This is especially true during the winter seasons.

But with this tent, it is fully covered. Like a few other tents on this list, this tent also has a free-standing design- meaning you can set it up within minutes. The tent also comes with two entrances, so you can quickly get in and get out without blocking the way. The flysheet has two pop-up ventilation windows. The windows help the air flow smoothly when it is raining.

Some additional features of the tent include having a light hook and storage pockets, ideal for hanging or storing lights, phones and other small items. Apart from being windproof, the ropes also happen to be reflective. You wouldn’t be tripping over them during the night.

  • UV protection protects the tent from damage from sunlight

  • The tent, when appropriately installed, is firm
  • Performs well in all four season
  • Since it is made in China, the instructions are not in English

Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person 3 Season Tent:

Best budget backpacking tents


With a big, 35 sq. Feet of space, lots of illumination and moderate ventilation thanks to the large mesh-wall panels, this tent is perfect for accommodating two persons at a time. Additionally, the tent also comes with a bathtub-floor layout. In this layout, the seams are taped to keep the interior of the tent dry during heavy rainfall.

The tent also comes with a free-standing design, allowing you to set up the tent without any problems. The guidelines imprinted on the product sack are also very convenient to follow. For your convenience, the manufacturers have provided this tent with two vestibules. It also comes with a detachable canopy shelf, providing you with a quick access perch so you can store extra stuff in it.

The seams of the tent are sewn perfectly while the fly covers are also of excellent quality. When you are inside the tent, especially on a rainy and windy day, these features will help you in keeping yourself dry and comfortable.

The guy lines can be easily identified during the night. In case you need to get out of the tent in the middle of the night, you will not be tripping over.

  • It is spacious
  • It has a beautiful design
  • It is simple to set up
  • It comes with only two guy lines

Featherstone 2 Person Backpacking Tent:

Best budget backpacking tents



You don’t have to spend all of your money on backpacking tent. This tent is a perfect example of that. It can comfortably accommodate two people while being easy on the budget. Regardless of the activity you want to do- be it camping, hiking, fishing or backpacking- this tent is not going to disappoint you.

Talking about the excellent features of this tent, it happens to be a lightweight, durable and breathable tent for two campers. Along with having two doors, the tent also has two vestibules, so you don’t ever have to face any inconvenience. The tent is manufactured with tear-resistant fabric which also happens to be waterproof.

The waterproof feature means you can easily enjoy your camping experience without getting wet. Additionally, the tent has a taped seam, so it doesn’t leak from any side. As compared to the rest of the tents, this tent also has a bathtub floor. This design elevates the tent from the ground, so it doesn’t get wet.

It doesn’t matter how good a tent is, if you take most of the time setting it up, you are not going to like it. That would not be the case with this tent. It is designed with a one-piece aluminium pole, straps and buckles- all of which make assembling it very easy.

  • It is highly breathable

  • It is lightweight
  • It is weather protected
  • The zipper is not very durable

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent:

Best budget backpacking tents


The last tent on our list is by ALPS, which has been manufacturing tents since 1993. There are a lot of people who like to travel alone, without any companion. Since we understand why they prefer solitude, we decided to list a tent that is perfect for just one person. So, if you are looking for a one-person tent that happens to be the right amount of cosy and comfortable, then you might want to look at this tent.

The tent comes with a simple dual-pole design. This means that you can stand on its own, without depending on something else. Just snap the pole clips, and your tent will be set. Since the tent is manufactured from high-quality polyester material, you would not need to replace it any time soon.

The polyester material also prevents the tent from getting damaged from the harmful UV rays. Additionally, the joints are well sealed, and the fly, as well as floor seams, are factory-made. All of these qualities make it hard for water, dirt and moisture from getting inside the tent.

Finally, the tent comes with a fly that completely covers the door and vestibule. It also has an extra vestibule for you to store extra stuff in it.

  • The seams are perfectly sealed

  • It has a large vestibule
  • It consists of dual vents and mesh walls
  • It might be small for some people
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How to choose the best backpacking tent:

Why should I choose a backpacking tent on a budget?

If you are travelling, then you are on a budget most likely. You need to buy things within your financial boundaries. Just because a backpacking tent is cheap, it does not mean it would not function well.

How much space do I need?

It depends on the number of persons you are travelling with. If you are going with family, then you need a bigger tent and not just one. If it is only you and your partner, then a tent which can accommodate two persons should be enough.

What kind of tent is best for backpacking?

Backpacking tents are available in different shapes and sizes with various features. So it depends on which features you like the most in a tent. Just make sure to buy a comfortable one.

Best buying guide to backpacking tent:

Even with all these options in front of you, it can be hard to choose a backpacking tent. That is why we have listed the factors you should consider before making a purchase. Once you narrow these down, you would be able to buy one without a lot of thinking:

Type of tents:

On the outside, all tents may seem similar. However, when it comes to their functionality, some are different from the others. For that, you need to be aware of the types of tents. They are:

  • Summer/Screen

As the name suggests, these types of tense are manufactured for maximum ventilation and keeping the bugs out during summer months. The most effective ones have robust skeletal systems and completely covering rain flies. They are capable of handling weather- ranging from moderate breezes to summer thunderstorms. These tents are equipped with a large mesh. So, when you pull back the fly, the air can circulate without any problem.

  • Three seasons:

The primary function of three-season tents is to keep you dry and comfortable in almost any season- from spring through fall. Such tents are manufactured to withstand strong winds. Though you should keep in mind, these aren’t effective when it comes to managing winds of winter. Mesh and ventilation are combined to make the walls of such tents. This can provide campers with enough ventilation as well as privacy.

  • Convertible:

If you do not like weather conditions restricting you, then you are going to find these tents perfect. Convertible tents have a hybrid design that includes poles, vestibules and rainfly options. You can strip these rain flies down during summer and patch it back up during stormy weather. The walls of these tents consist of mesh windows along with solid nylon panels that you can close when the weather gets tricky.


Another vital factor to consider is the environment where you will be going after you buy a tent. Does it get a lot of cold there? Is the ground going to be rocky or plain? Does the place get a lot of rain, snow or hail? Of course, some of these factors depend on the season you are thinking of travelling in. But you can never be sure of Mother Nature. It is unpredictable. Different tents have different capabilities for handling environments. And you do not want to be stuck on top of a mountain with nowhere to sleep and a tent full of water. If you are unsure of the environment, then go for a tent with a hybrid option, which can resist the harsh conditions of weather and can assemble or dissemble in no time.

Single wall/Double-wall tent:

When most people are thinking of buying a tent, they are thinking of a tent which has a double-wall construction. The first wall is the body of the tent while the second wall is the rain fly. The double-wall structure is excellent, allowing you to relax comfortably. For instance, if you choose to pitch the tent in a hot environment, you can choose to pitch it without a fly. You will get fresh air from the outside while the climate inside the tent would also be breathable. During tricky weather, you can cover the tent by the rain fly. Along with providing warmth, it would also protect you from the harsh conditions. A single-wall tent might not be able to provide the level of protection a double-wall tent can provide.


While a tent may look like it can accommodate two persons, you cannot be sure until you have checked it out yourself. Even some tents which are designed for one person to fit in are not big enough to do that, especially if that person is tall. Bigger floor space and vertical walls should be your top priority should you choose to buy a tent that can accommodate tall persons. You can get the idea of the height and floor space after reading out the specifications of the tent. Usually, the tent’s dimensions are given along with other necessary information. Always make sure to look at some of the tent’s photos and read customer reviews. You will get all the information you need to know.


Just because a tent is high in price does not mean it will be something special. Similarly, just because a tent does not cost very high does not mean you will end up with a broken tent midway through your camping. It all depends on the features of the tents. If you are going to a place where it hardly rains, then there is no need for you to spend extra money to get a rain-resistant tent. Likewise, if you intend to accommodate just two persons in a tent, then there is no need to overkill your budget by buying a tent that can accommodate more than two persons. If you plan on doing camping and other activities for years to come, then you should buy a tent with high quality.

Final thoughts:

Different tents have different features that make them exceptional. Fortunately, they don’t have to cost a lot. All you need to do is consider the factors mentioned above and from there, narrow down the features you would like in a tent. One thing you should always consider is comfort-ability. The whole reason you are camping is that you want some peace and serenity. Without comfort-ability, you are going to get neither.