Cowin E7 Pro Review – Cowin e7 pro headphones review

Cowin e7 pro headphones review 2021

You need to listen to something soothing after a hectic routine. Therefore, Listening to music is an excellent way to release stress. However, you always need reasonable accessories to experience the quality of music that you desire for. So, let’s talk about the headphones you are looking for, that not only come in your budget but also offer consistent performance.

However, there are a lot of headphones available in the market. Still, they do not prove to be sound enough to deliver expected performance, especially when the noise-canceling function is concerned. That is why we have tried to make this challenge easier for you by reviewing Cowin E7 Pro headphone that is none other than the exception.

Cowin E7 Pro Review

It is one of the most popular Noise Cancelling headphones available in the market that will not bust your budget. Cowin E7 Pro is an active noise canceling headphone that is a successor of widely popular Cowin E7 proving to be a great replacement.

In this review, we will not only evaluate the number of features Cowin E7 Pro possesses but also compare it with its successor and the other compatible headphones available in the market. Moreover, we will also share our final thoughts in order to help you make an informed choice. So, let us scroll down and see what Cowin E7 Pro brings to the music lovers.

Cowin E7 Pro  headphones Review

Cowin E7 Pro Review

Looking and testing this incredible Cowin E7 Pro, we discovered several features that add value to the headphones giving them the edge over other ordinary headphones market is flooded with. They are one of the most demanded headphones under the budget of $100, offering great value for money.



  • Noise Reduction depth: 30dB
  • Bluetooth: V4.0
  • Battery time: 30 hours
  • Sound: 45mm large-aperture
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Hi-fi stereo
  • 800 mAh built-in battery

Cowin E7 Pro Review


Design and Appearance

Cowin E7 Pro comes with a decent design having a bulky but sturdy built that makes it a considerable choice. The headphones look quite similar to Cowin E7, but there are few differences. They are lighter than their predecessors and have different black plates than E7. These headphones feature stunning colors, i.e., Red, Pink, and Black.

Cowin E7 Pro Review


Thanks to the metallic brush finish, that gives them an incredible look with a robust and flexible headband that you can keep flat on the floor. The ear cups are made up of exotic leatherette material, which is comfortable. Still, we would not recommend them to wear for more extended periods. The headphones are more significant than the ordinary earphones of the same class.

They feature large ear pads that somehow enable passive noise-canceling ability and also add comfort to the wear-ability. Moreover, the headband and the ear cups are adequately cushioned that feels comfortable on your head.

Cowin E7 Pro Review

The controls are present on the right headphone, which is quite easy to use. You can change the, switch it in, and adjust the volume through these controls. As far as the quality of the built-in concerned, the headphones are a bit fragile. The ear cups are made up of cheap quality plastic, which is a downside. Most of the users do not like the design and quality of these earphones; however, the build has a reasonable quality when we look at the price.

Music Quality and Performance

The sound quality ranks first in the list of most prominent features for the headphones. The quality of E7 Pro is far better than its predecessor. The upgraded model offers a crisp and clear sound that is none other than the exception at such an affordable price. The sound quality is suitable for both taking calls and listening to music.

If you want to listen to a more balanced and richer sound, then Cowin E7 pro headphone is a must-buy. It is equipped with the 45mm driver, unlike the prototype having a 40mm driver due to which it offers a better frequency response.

Cowin E7 Pro Review

Moreover, the bass is not boomy that enables you to listen to the clear sound at the low-range notes while it sounds great at the highs. It offers an average quality of mid-range sound that is not very balanced. However, it is equitable enough according to its price. The treble range is also reasonable.

Active Noise Cancelling

Cowin E7 Pro is true, one of the best active noise-canceling headphones at a pocket-friendly price. The market is inundated with this category, but many of the models fall short when we look up to them for active noise canceling function. The best thing is that it has an acceptable sound quality even when the ANC Is turned on, unlike other headphones of the same category that deliver the worst sound quality.

This remarkable model is equipped with advanced ANC technology that concentrates on canceling out low-frequency distractions like traffic, engine sound, and air travel environment, etc. It ensures that all the distracting low-frequency noise is being canceled out so that you may read the book or use your cellphone while enjoying high-quality music.  However, Cowin E7 Pro is unable to cancel out high-frequency sounds like talking and snoring, etc. which is certainly a downside.

Cowin E7 Pro Review


We also tested the E7 Pro’s noise-canceling function at the airport, and we found it really great. We were able to listen to the important announcement clearly; however, all the low frequency distracting noises like people’s chatting and traffic, etc. had been canceled out. However, the ANC feature is not effective as compared to Bose. Bose’s ANC function is none other than the exception, but they also cost a lot. So, at an affordable price, Cowin E7 Pro delivers justified ANC functionality

Battery Life

Cowin E7 Pro Review

Cowin E7 Pro utilizes a powerful 800 mAh built-in battery that enables longer playtime with Bluetooth or ANC powered on. It takes 4 hours for a full charge and offers thirty hours of continuous music on both Bluetooth and ANC mode. The battery time is highly suitable for lazy people who consider recharging a hassle and a waste of time. The headphones are great if you are planning to travel because of the outstanding battery life.


Cowin E7 pro utilizes Bluetooth 4.o that enables quick and easy connectivity to all your Bluetooth enabled smart devices. If you find the wires, a hassle, Then Cowin E7 pro will work great for you because the wireless headphones enable you to take hands-free calls and enjoy hours of talk time freely. Moreover, it has a built-in microphone supporting voice calls.



Comfort is something you cannot compromise on, especially when the headphones are concerned. As the headphones are usually being used for continuous listening, The cheap quality of ear cups and headband may cause uneasiness and discomfort. However, the upgraded soft ear cups of Cowin E7 Pro contribute greatly to the comfort. Moreover, The 90 degrees swiveling capability and the soft ear cushions add great coziness to your long-hour listening sessions.

Cowin E7 Pro Review


The controls are located on the right headphone. You cannot only power it on off but also adjust the volume according to your needs. Moreover, you can also control Bluetooth and ANC mode from the buttons present on your device. Answering the call is just a tap away due to t these simple-to-use controls.


It is the most prominent feature of Cowin E7 Pro, and it earned the highest score among another similar headphone we tested. It has a lightweight i.e., 10.0 ounces, a sturdy but light carrying case that makes it easy to carry it along. Moreover, exceptional battery time also adds convenience when we plan traveling.

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What is in the Box

Cowin E7 Pro Review

The headphones prove to be a useful and impressive gift for the ones you love. The device comes in a large box containing a sturdy hard carrying case to put your headphones when not in use or carry it anywhere during traveling. This hard case also contains a mesh compartment where you can keep your cables in an organized way.

Furthermore, the package also contains a simple USB recharging cable and an AUX cable. The AUX cable enables you to listen to the music even when the headphones are not charged. The manual is included to help you understand the functions easily.

Are Cowin E7 Pro headphones better than Cowin E7

Both of the headphones are the best-selling for the mediocre segment of customers who want to buy a reasonable pair of headphones at a pocket-friendly price. However, Cowin E7 Pro is an upgraded and improved version of Cowin E7 that has many downsides. The successor looks far better than Cowin E7 that has a bulky look while E7 Pro has an improved brush metallic glossy finish that adds value to it.

Cowin E7 Pro Review

Besides, Cowin E7 Pro has 45mm drivers, unlike E7, which has 40 mm drivers. The drivers ensure bass accuracy, so here E7 Pro wins the contest. As far as sound quality is concerned, again Cowin E7 Pro is a better option. The bass of E7 is a bit boomier than Cowin E7 Pro, so the low notes are not clear at all.

E7 PRO has a far better overall sound quality. It delivers better performance at the low notes as well as the high notes. The active noise canceling is also better than Cowin E7. Cowin E7 Pro has a better battery capacity i.e., 800 mAh than E7, that utilizes a built-in battery of 600 mAH, offering lesser playtime than E7 Pro.


Furthermore, both the models are Bluetooth 4.0 compatible and also utilizes NFC technology that enables instant connectivity with your smartphone.

What we liked the most

  • Cowin E7 pro has less booming bass that enables clarity of sound at low notes.
  • It offers a better noise-canceling function.
  • It has an amazing Bluetooth range that enables quick and easy connectivity.
  • It has simple controls for volume adjustment and Bluetooth and ANC modes.
  • It has an exceptional battery time that enables 30 hours of continuous listening.
  • It has a lightweight that adds to the portability. You can conveniently carry it along with you during traveling.
  • It has a bulky but comfortable padded design that ensures long hours of listening.
  • Ninety degrees swiveling earcups add into his comfort.
  • It has a very affordable price that offers great value for money.
  • It is a pair of wireless headphones that reduce hassle to a great extent.

What needs to be improved

The first and the most prominent feature for the device like the headphones is the sound quality. Although the Cowin E7 Pro sounds quite clear and sharp, the music still sounds flat. The bass is weaker, so this can be worked over to get a better and upgraded version.


  • The noise isolation works just fine. You can get far better models that offer better noise isolation at the same price Cowin E7 Pro offers. When I tested the pair of these headphones, It seems like they utilize more of the passive noise cancellation technology than active noise cancellation.
  • The design is quite bulky.
  • The ear-cups are made up of cheap quality plastic that is definitely a hitch, so the quality can be improved in order to get a better successor.

Summing Up:Cowin E7 Pro Review

So, here was a well-researched review that clarifies the number of doubts helping you to make an informed decision of buying Cowin E7 Pro headphones or not. We tested all the functions ourselves and eaches to the verdict that Cowin E7 Pro proves to be a reasonable choice as far as the price is concerned. It is highly recommended to those who want to buy good-quality headphones in a very low budget.

However, we will not prefer them if we don’t have a budget constraint as it lacks to deliver the optimum performance and functionality the headphones of the same category are expected to offer.

We hope that our review will make the challenge of buying a reasonable device easier, and you will be able to make an informed choice confidently.