How can you pair the TaoTronics TT-BH10 Headphones

How can you pair the TaoTronics TT-BH10 Headphones with a mobile device via Bluetooth?

As we all are switching toward technology, we need gadgets free from wire and easy to carry anywhere. People are moving from earphones to Bluetooth headphones because they are portable and don’t require wires to work. You can connect your phone with these headphones and enjoy every beat without compromising on sound quality.

Taotronics is one of the reliable brands serving customers with crystal clear sound for years. If looking for something different to experience music like never before, you should go for Taotronics TT-BH10 Bluetooth headphones. Let’s help you pairing this product with a mobile device.

Pairing the TaoTronics TT-BH10 Headphones with a mobile device via Bluetooth


As we all know, the only way to pair headphones with a mobile device is via Bluetooth. Due to this feature, we don’t have to move the wire or keep it in our pocket anymore.

How can you pair the TaoTronics TT-BH10 Headphones

Step 1

Keep your headphones charged so they can pair with a mobile phone device easily, and you can experience exceptional music. Press the power button of headphones for 2-seconds, and lights will start blinking with a voice message of “headphones on”.

Step 2

The next step is to turn on the phone’s Bluetooth connection and keep headphones in the range. Clear the Bluetooth history from the phone and ensure you are not connected to another Bluetooth device.

Step 3

Look at the nearby Bluetooth devices list phone is showing to you and after finding Taotronics, connect it. As soon as the device is paired to TT-BH10 Bluetooth, you can listen to the voice message “Bluetooth device connected”. The headphone will save your phone in memory, and the next time when you turn on the Bluetooth of the headphone or mobile device, they will connect automatically.

Safety Instructions

While listening to Bluetooth headphones for the first time, make sure you are keeping the volume low. After adjusting the frame on your head, start from the low volume and later adjust accordingly. Sudden high noise can harm your ears, and you will find it irritating.

After using headphones, store them back into the case. Avoid putting them near windows and other dusty areas as it can affect the sound quality and performance.

This Bluetooth headset can run for 7-hours straight but when not in use for a long time, charge it once or twice a week. The headphones will show different lights to indicate the current status of the gadget. Go through the manual to learn more technical details about this model.

Final Thoughts

Taotronics TT-BH10 headphones are known as reliable and durable musical gadgets to count on. It can deliver a powerful and sweat-free experience to you even when you are wearing it for hours. After going through safety instructions, you can use this gadget for years. It fits right on your head, and while listening to the music, you don’t have to keep adjusting the frame. During the workout, when you are constantly on the move, it won’t fall off from the ears.