10 Best computer Mouse for Carpal Tunnel

Best computer Mouse for Carpal Tunnel

Using a mouse is inevitable for everyday computing, and those who are encountering carpal tunnel syndrome can feel the challenge of using the mouse with such a deadly pain. That keeps on causing tingling in hand and makes it impossible for them to continue using the standard mouse. That is why manufacturers of the computing accessories have introduced special Best computer Mouse for Carpal Tunnel for the people who are suffering from carpal tunnel and cannot bear the pressure on the median nerve.

So, here comes a useful review of such mice available in the market, followed by a comparison table and a comprehensive buying guide. I ensure that it will be of great utility for those who are fighting with this syndrome and help them to make an informed decision, easily.

Comparison of Table

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The following are the top picks that will give you a fair idea about what to buy. These mice are clinically proven and trusted by the professionals and highly recommended for hand injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome.


  1. 3M Wired Ergonomic Optical Mouse

Best Mouse for Carpal Tunnel


3M mouse is a wired optical mouse specially designed for the patients of the Carpal tunnel. The mouse clinically trusted and recommended by most of the Doctors and professionals who have tested it themselves. The mouse is suitable for those who are suffering from hand injuries and pressure.

Its ergonomic design and the vertical handle ensure that the median nerves may not be affected by the use. It has a vertical grip that keeps your hand’s position appropriate and does not build any pressure on the carpal tunnel.

The mouse can only be used by right-handed users. It has a 6.5 feet long cord that makes movement convenient and easy. Moreover, it is available in two standard sizes i.e., large and small.  The size should be selected according to the size of your palm.

It also makes scrolling easier and comfortable, but the scrolling is compatible only with the PCs. It is compatible with almost all operating systems and PCs. The mouse is not only easy to use but also easy to install. It comes with a USB connector and a two-year warranty confirming its reliability. The price is a treat for those who are suffering from severe hand, or arm pain provides great utility to the users.

  • It has an affordable price.

  • It has an ergonomic Joystick design.
  • It offers great comfort for the patients of carpal tunnel and other hand/arm ailments.
  • It comes with a two-year warranty.
  • It is easy-to-use.
  • It is available in two sizes.
  • It is made up of cheap quality material.


  1. Logitech M570 Wireless Mouse Best computer Mouse for Carpal Tunnel

Best Mouse for Carpal Tunnel


Here comes another ergonomic design that will blow all your worries about buying a reasonable mouse to relieve your stress. The mouse greatly supports your hand and arm and allows you to make comfortable movements. It features molded trackball for added convenience as you don’t have to move your entire arm in order to move the cursor.

Moreover, the mouse is wireless and keeps the device connected through an incredible tiny receiver. The function makes sure that you get the same freedom and convenience as a wired mouse that supports the fast transmission of data. It is powered by just a single AA battery that consumes very little power. The trackball takes very little space on your computer table, so there is no need to worry if you have an occupied desk.

The best thing is the unifying technology that allows you to connect the mouse to the six compatible devices at a time. It is compatible with all operating systems and PCs featuring exemplary 30 ft wireless range in a price that is none other than the exception.

  • Logitech M570 is super affordable.

  • Sculpted trackball allows easy and convenient hand movements.
  • It is equipped with a unifying wireless technology connecting to six devices at a time.
  • It has incredibly low battery consumption.
  • It offers quick access and control.
  • It has a remarkable wireless range.
  • The buttons wear out too soon.

  1. Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

Best Mouse for Carpal Tunnel


Anker 2.4 is designed, keeping comfort and convenience in mind. The device is available at an incredibly low price I did not expect for such a specialized computing device. The ergonomic design relieves pain, reduces stress, and allows you to hold the mouse in your comfort zone. It has a thumb rest and a grip that makes continuous usage easier for the people suffering from carpal tunnel.

The design is extremely sleek and stylish, adding to its value. It is a great combination of advanced technology and functionality that offers ease of access and comfort. The mouse is armed with five buttons for a number of computing needs. It is compatible with all operating systems and PCs.

It also offers greater sensitivity utilizing Optical tracking technology. You can also switch to the power saving mode to reduce power consumption. Get out of the hassle of annoying wires through this wireless model that provides great utility at the lowest price.

  • It offers great comfort for patients of carpal tunnel.

  • It has a super-affordable price.
  • It offers greater sensitivity.
  • You can switch to the power-saving mode.
  • It has a fast and hassle-free wireless technology.
  • It has a sleek and stylish design.
  • The buttons stiffen


  1. Microsoft Sculpt Laser Ergonomic Mouse

Best Mouse for Carpal Tunnel


Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic mouse features a windows integrated operation that enables you to access the window with a touch of a button on the mouse. It utilizes Blue Track technology, which is the combination of the power and precision associated with different types. It is designed to provide comfort to your wrist and makes navigation easier than ever. The shape conforms to the best hand and wrist posture that reduces stress and relieves pain.

It only uses two AA batteries that work up to 12months. It provides greater access and control to the cursor that makes it a considerable choice. However, I will give three stars to the wireless range that only offers connectivity within 10 feet. The price is reasonable as far as the quality and design are concerned. Another questionable factor is its compatibility. It is only compatible with the Windows operating systems.

  • It has an ergonomic design for your wrist’s comfort.
  • It offers efficient precision.
  • It offers quick access to the windows.
  • It uses only 2 AA batteries.
  • It has an affordable price.
  • It is compatible only with windows.


  1. J-Tech Ergonomic Mouse Best computer Mouse for Carpal Tunnel

Best Mouse for Carpal Tunnel


Here is an innovative design that will definitely grab your attention, featuring a thumb rest and grip that is exclusively made for your palm contour. It allows easy movement and reduces pressure to the wrist. J-Tech Digital vertical mouse comes in two standard sizes. One is for the small palm, and the other is suitable for the large ones. It has a detachable palm rest that significantly comforts your wrist.

Moreover, this uniquely designed vertical mouse features adjustable sensitivity that can be adjusted just with a single tap of the DPI button located on the mouse. The two thumb buttons allow navigation functions conveniently. It comes with a 1.6 Meter wire that allows free movement. In addition, the mouse is compatible with all the operating systems, software sans PCs.

A one-year warranty makes J-Tech digital, a reliable choice. The price is extremely reasonable when we look at the advanced and cool features that add great value to the users.

  • It has a classical design.

  • The design is highly suitable for the patients of the carpal tunnel.
  • It has adjustable sensitivity.
  • It has a reasonable price.
  • It has a one-year warranty.
  • The scroll wheel has a cheap quality


  1. LEKVEY Vertical Wireless Mouse

Best Mouse for Carpal Tunnel


LEKVEY optical mouse is made with an innovative design that offers a number of health benefits. It helps you to change the posture of your hand and relieves pain. The design is extremely sleek and classy that is made for better functionality. It contours a handshake to provide greater comfort and assist in using the computer.

LEKVEY Vertical Wireless Mouse has a rechargeable battery, so it is great that you do not need to change the batteries every now and then The USB cable is used to recharge the mouse while working. The muse is equipped with six buttons that provide effective controls and better navigation. It offers adjustable sensitivity with three DPI modes.

LEKVEY Vertical Wireless Mouse is compatible with all operating systems that come with an 18-year guarantee and lifetime support that compel you to buy the mouse. Moreover, the price is remarkable that offers great value for money.

  • It has a powerful rechargeable battery

  • It comes with an 18-year guarantee and lifetime support
  • Six buttons located on the mouse provides better controls.
  • It has an affordable price.
  • It has an innovative and sleek design.
  • It is exclusively designed for comfort.
  • n/a
  1. Jelly Comb Wireless vertical mouse

Best Mouse for Carpal Tunnel


Get rid of the traditional mice that cause pain in your carpal tunnel area and buy this exclusively designed mouse to provide thousands of health benefits. It provides immense support to your hand and minimizes stress and strain on your palm efficiently and effectively. The mouse is equipped with DPI resolution optical tracking technology that offers high sensitivity making the moves more comfortable and smoother.

Jelly Comb Wireless vertical mouse offers smooth functionality and a guarantee of 5000000 keystrokes. Work in silence and do not disturb the people sitting near you with this ergonomic and incredible piece of equipment. The mouse is portable and compact and occupies very little space on your desk.

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It is equipped with a stable wireless transmission technology within 10 meters. It comes with a 2.4G USB receiver that enables fast connection and data transmission. Moreover, it has wide compatibility so you can use it with most of the operating systems and PCs. The mouse has a super affordable price that provides great functionality and a little expense that proves to be worth it.

  • It comes with greater sensitivity.
  • It is highly recommended by the Doctors and professionals for the carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • It has a unique ergonomic design.
  • It has a reasonable wireless range.
  • It has wide compatibility.
  • It is portable and compact
  • It has an affordable price.
  • It is not suitable for a very small palm.
  1. Logitech MX vertical Wireless mouse

Best Mouse for Carpal Tunnel


Here is another popular and comfortable piece of equipment from a known brand that makes high-quality computing devices. The name is none other than an exception and offers a smart ergonomic design that minimizes strain and removes stress. Logitech MX vertical Wireless mouse is a combination of performance and precision along with an elevated comfort assisting convenient hand movements.

Logitech MX vertical Wireless mouse enables 57 degrees angle that provides natural support and improved posture healthy for your hand. You can adjust the speed and accuracy of the cursor just in a click. A button is located at the mouse to make the adjustment easily in the Logitech Options software. The super-accurate 4000 DPI offer improved tracking and assists lesser hand movements.

The mouse is compatible with all the latest operating systems and devices featuring a powerful rechargeable battery that offers 3 hours of usage on 1 minute of charge. However, you can use the mouse up to 4 months with a full recharge.  The price is quite high, as the name demands. So, if you do not have a budget-constraint and want to buy a mouse with great functionality, then do give a try to Logitech MX vertical Wireless mouse that will surely make the difference.

  • It has high precision and improved functionality.

  • It has a highly adjustable sensitivity with 4000 DPI.
  • It has a great battery life highly.
  • It has an ergonomic design highly suitable for those suffering from carpal tunnel.
  • It has great battery life.
  • It has a very high price.


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  1. Evoluent Vertical Wired Laser Mouse

Best Mouse for Carpal Tunnel


If you are a petite person and want to buy a suitable mouse for your small hands, then Evoluent Vertical Wired Laser Mouse can make a great difference. However, the mouse is quite expensive, and you may not be able to buy the one if you have a tight budget.

The mouse is comfortable and easy-to-use. It offers a suitable posture that minimizes strain on your palm and wrist and allows smooth navigation conveniently. The pointer speed controls are located on the side that enables easy optical sensor adjustments. It has an ergonomic thumb rest that is better than the previous models for comfort and convenience.  The mouse is equipped with the LEDs that indicate pointer speed. Moreover, this mouse offers a unique bottom thumb button that offers great comfort. The illuminated logo looks quite stunning, but the LEDs power off when not in use to avoid battery consumption.

Six buttons are located on the mouse, offering matchless functionality and access to the system. It comes with a powerful driver for windows making the settings and installation easier. Moreover, it has wider compatibility, and it supports almost all operating systems.

  • It has wide compatibility.

  • It is designed for the patients of hand ailments.
  • It has stunning looks armed with the number of LEDs for different functions.
  • Easy to use and install.
  • It is highly suitable for small hands.
  • It is very expensive
  1. LuguLake Vertical ergonomic mouse

Best Mouse for Carpal Tunnel


If you want to want at an extremely low price, then LuguLake offers the one with full functionality at an exceptional price. Experience the LuguLake’s innovative and unique technology that will bring a great difference in your life. It offers immense comfort, precise tracking, and exemplary responsiveness. You cannot compare it with any other device.

The matchless lifetime makes it a highly considerable choice. It allows 8 million times keystrokes featuring improved posture and comfort. The design promotes a healthy posture and reduces arms twisting. The buttons located on the mouse are easy-to-click light. It is compatible with all the latest operating systems except Mac OS X. It comes with a USB cable that is 4.43 ft long, offering freedom and responsiveness.

The mouse is very reasonable as far as the price is concerned. In addition, it also provides better functionality and comfort in a price that is none other than the exception.

  • It has an extremely low price.

  • It comes with an innovative and unique design.
  • It offers improved posture.
  • It has a great lifespan.
  • It offers great battery life.
  • It is not compatible with Mac OS X.
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Buying Guide for The Best Mouse for Carpal Tunnel

Why Should we use an Ergonomic Mouse

The mouse is a piece of computing equipment that you use continuously during everyday computing, so it is important to buy a reasonable mouse considerately so that it may fulfill all your needs. Some people who have different hand inabilities or ailments must buy a mouse that is ergonomic, so such mice are specifically designed in order to meet customer’s health requirements. They possess a shape and a size that is highly suitable for improved posture.

Using an ergonomic mouse enables you to use it continuously with extended comfort. It eliminates pain and reduces stress and strain on your median nerve that gets affected in Carpal tunnel syndrome.

Types of the different Mouse

Best Mouse for Carpal Tunnel

Ergonomic mice are available in a number of forms with varying features, designs, and price ranges. You can buy choose one of them according to your budget and need.

  1. Ergonomic Horizontal Mouse

This is the most common design available in the market. The horizontal shaped design is preferred by most of the users. The mouse has a dome shape to provide convenience and comfort. The movement is easy and efficient. Moreover, it comes at an affordable price.

  1. Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

A vertical mouse is different than a traditional mouse. Such mice are highly suitable for the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. These mice are exclusively designed to minimize stress on the nerves that cause unbearable pain and tingling in the hands. The buttons are located on the side and are extremely easy to use. Holding such a mouse is like shaking the hand and ensures little or no hand twisting. It provides better comfort and ease than a traditional mouse, so it is highly recommended to get rid of an ordinary mouse and buy a high-quality vertical mouse if you are suffering from Carpal tunnel syndrome.

  1. Trackball Mouse

The trackball mouse is a special type of mouse that only utilizes the trackball to move the cursor while the base remains stationary. Such mice are compact and consume very little space at your busy desk. It does not require you to make intense arm and palm movements. This fact supports your hand greatly if you a serious injury. These mice feel extremely comfortable in your hand, but you may find some difficulty in executing a few operations like copy-pasting and dragging, etc.

  1. Pen Mouse

A pen mouse is a pen-shaped mouse that looks like a pen. You can hold the mouse like a pen or pencil, giving you the comfort of not twisting your arms to move the cursor. The people suffering from carpal tunnel often prefer these mice over the ordinary conventional ones due to the immense comfort and convenience they offer. They minimize stress and stress on your wrist. Therefore, you can move the cursor with minimal effort.

  1. Joystick Mouse

The joystick mouse in the form of a vertical mouse that is a more sophisticated and specialized design for the users seeking comfort and convenience. It is widely popular among the people suffering from the muscular issue, and therefore, most of the users suffering from this disease prefer to choose this kind of mice. Using it is like shaking the hand with the hand positioned perpendicular to the surface. This mechanism eliminates strain on the wrist and prevents from arm twisting. However, such models do not provide reasonable precision, which is a downside.

 How to Choose the Best Ergonomic Mouse

Best Mouse for Carpal Tunnel

Choosing an ergonomic mouse that is appropriate enough to relieve your injury and reduce stress is far more challenging than the ordinary one. You need to buy the mouse that fits all your computing needs along with the specific need to provide added comfort from the deadly ailment. However, the market is flooded with a lot of mice that are supposed to relieve carpal tunnel and claimed to be clinically trusted and proven by the Doctors and the professionals. Deciding to get the one is always difficult so I hope that the following buying tips will help you to make a better decision.

  1. Size

The size of the mouse matters a lot in the case of a person suffering from carpal tunnel. It is always recommended to buy a mouse that fits in your palm perfectly. The appropriate size ensures that your fingers are not squeezed, and you are holding it comfortably. The appropriate size ensures that you do not need to stretch your hand and make an effort to reach the mouse. It encourages effortless navigation. There are usually two standard sizes available, i.e., small and large. The size should neither be too large nor too small. Measure the size of your palm and purchase the mouse accordingly.

  1. Grip

The grip is another significant factor that governs comfort and convenience largely. The best and the most comfortable of all is the palm grip. It is the natural style that allows you to operate the mouse with your palm, and it is also the most suitable style for the patients of carpal tunnel and other hand injuries.

  1. Design

Design is all that makes a big difference. The vertical design is the most suitable design for people having muscular problems. The design offers a handshake position to your hand that ensures comfort and improved performance.

Best Mouse for Carpal Tunnel

  1. Left-handed or Right-handed

The majority of the users are the right-handed people, so most of the mice are made for right-handed people. However, there are still some designs that are manufactured for left-handed or both.

  1. Wired vs. Wireless

This is also an important factor that drives your decision to buy a mouse. The market is saturated with both types. However, the wireless ones are most trendy nowadays. The wireless mice are hassle-free devices that allow freedom of movement. However, they are a few downsides as well. These mice may lack the responsiveness as compared to the wired mouse that is more precise and responsive. They may also lag during an exciting game or an important presentation due to the weak connectivity.

  1. Sensitivity

Sensitivity is measured in terms of DPI (Dot per inch). If you are doing an important task that requires accuracy and precision, then you must purchase a mouse with greater sensitivity.  Some mice have adjustable sensitivity. In my opinion, the best ones are those that have adjustable sensitivity so that you can make a choice according to your task. This factor is of great value for professional video editors, photographers, and gamer. However, low sensitivity is also acceptable when you are performing everyday computing.

  1. Trackball

The mice with the trackball allow you to move the cursor with the trackball instead of moving the whole mouse with the effort of your arm. Only the fingers are used to move the trackball, and your arm remains stationary. The trackball is found in different sizes. A large trackball is more convenient to use than the smaller ones.

  1. Ease of use

Ease of use is the factor that influences the buying decision of a CTS patient. Because what a patient looks for is the mouse that allows him to use it comfortably and easily. Make sure that the mouse you choose has tactile buttons and a moveable wheel that may not cause strain to your fingers.

  1. Material

Thanks to the rubber and foam that prove to be easy on the skin. Make sure that the mouse is made up of high-quality material that prevents the hands from potential injury.

  1. Price

Price is an inevitable factor that largely influences the buying decision. If you have a tight budget, you can not go for an expensive model offering great features and fine quality, but still using the wit can work to get you the reasonable mouse meeting your special need at a budget-friendly price. Usually, these mice are available in a price range between 10$ to 100$ depending upon the number of factors.

Where Should You Place the Mouse

Best Mouse for Carpal Tunnel

Placing the mouse is an important consideration that should not be overlooked. The mouse should be placed in a position that it may not cause stress to your muscles. The ideal position is at a ninety degrees angle that enables you to do all your tasks efficiently without bearing pressure.

Final Thoughts –Best computer Mouse for Carpal Tunnel

I believe that the mouse is the computing equipment that is frequently used to do everyday computing or to undertake professional tasks as well. It should be bought considerately to avoid any potential injury or uneasiness that affects your efficiency and performance. That is why I have reviewed the best –sellers and highly rated mice available in the market, followed by a comparison chart and a detailed buying guide that will surely help you to buy the most reasonable device.