10 Best Mouse for MacBook Pro

10 Best Mouse for MacBook Pro

Do you find the trackpad of MacBook Pro uncomfortable to use? Don’t worry; this guide will help you in selecting the ultimate mouse to use with your MacBook Pro. Why do you need to have a separate mouse for your MacBook Pro? People need to have a separate mouse to work comfortably. The trackpad of MacBook Pro is not awful to use but gets difficult to use, especially if you are a creative professional or you work on the go while travelling.

Working on a MacBook Pro for extended hours can get tiring when you are not using a mouse with it. Your posture matters a lot while working. That is the reason some people end up having injuries like Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) when they do not use a mouse and work with the trackpad instead. Using a mouse while working makes the task not only easier for you, but comfortable as well.

There was a time when it was challenging to find the right accessories for MacBook, but now days almost all brands offer mice that are compatible with MacBook and work well with all Apple devices. Finding the right mouse for your MacBook Pro can get challenging with so many options available in the market. That is why we have compiled a list of the 10 best mice for MacBook Pro to make it easier for you to select the right one.

If you want more accuracy in your work and feel less fatigued while working, you need to have a mouse with your MacBook Pro. The following 10 products have been selected, keeping in mind the ergonomics, affordability, and the best features to go with your MacBook Pro.

Comparison Table

The following comparison table contains all the details about the features of the 10 best mouse, which can work well with your MacBook Pro.

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  1. Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse

Best Mouse for MacBook Pro


Starting our list with this great product by Logitech, it has some fantastic features which made it secure a position in our list. It comes in three different colours, i.e., Grey, Light Grey, and Midnight Teal. It is amazingly comfortable as it supports all three styles of grip, from fingertip to palm, and finally, claw. You will not feel uncomfortable using this mouse at any point. It has been designed especially for prolonged use.

The rechargeable battery has got us blown away. It gives 70 days of power through a single charge. You charge it once and then forget about charging for more than two months. It is a wireless mouse that connects through Bluetooth. You can also connect it through a USB port. It can work on any surface. The manufacturer claims that it can even work on glass.

The hyper-efficient scrolling is a delight in this model. You get to scroll through long documents and web pages faster than ever. A light scroll of the thumbwheel and you go through the document like a flash. There is a unique feature in this model, i.e., it can pair with a maximum of three devices, and you can switch them with a touch of a button.

  • Super comfortable

  • Excellent battery life
  • DPI switching
  • Hyper-efficient scrolling
  • Heavyweight
  • Not suitable for left-handed users
  • It can get a little fiddly

  1. VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Portable Mobile Mouse

Best Mouse for MacBook Pro


Another great model with tremendous battery life. It comes in 10 different colours, and you can select one according to your choice. Let’s start with the battery life of the MM057. It comes with a single AA battery, and as per VicTsing, it can last for amazing 15 months on a single charge. You will not have to change the battery or charge it frequently.

There is a button on top of the mouse, which has been dedicated to switching Dpi from 800 to 2400 quickly. The mouse contains the regular left and right buttons, the scroll wheel, and two side buttons that enable the user to go forward or backward while browsing.

Connecting this model is a breeze. All you have to do is to insert the nano adapter into a USB port and you are done. If the mouse is inactive for straight eight minutes, it will go into the sleep mode, and it will wake up by simply clicking any button. It has a minuscule size, which makes it a perfect option for people who have small hands. Even children can use it comfortably. People with bigger hands can go for a claw or fingertip grip with this mouse. If you are on a budget, then this is the perfect choice for you.

  • Excellent battery life
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Dpi switching
  • Plug-and-play feature
  • Highly portable
  • Too small for some people

  • Designed for right-handed people


  1. Apple Magic Mouse 2

Best Mouse for MacBook Pro


If you are looking for a good looking and stylish mouse with some great features, then Magic Mouse is your best bet. It is the best mouse invention by Apple, especially for a MacBook Pro. The previous ones were either too ugly looking and underperformed. But, this mouse is set to swoosh you off your feet with its good looks and astounding features.

The minimalist design is a winner for us. It is sleek and gives a futuristic look. It is wireless and tends to work amazingly on most of the surfaces. Magic Mouse 2 has two buttons with a touch-sensitive surface. It supports a good range of gesture controls. You can quickly swipe horizontally or sideways along with clicking the left or right buttons.

It comes with a rechargeable battery, and it takes only a few minutes of charging to give you power for at least 9 hours of use. It comes with a lighting cable and cannot be used while charging as the charging port is underneath the mouse. It turns off automatically if it is inactive for a while.

However, the grip of this mouse is not very impressive. You can only use it with the fingertip grip. Its design does not support the palm grip or the claw grip. This might get annoying for some people. It is good to be used by any hand size. The DPI is unchangeable, and that may result in the cursor moving faster than the preference of some people. It works well with Mac but, with Windows, the gesture controls don’t work.

  • Minimalist design

  • Gesture Controls
  • Horizontal scrolling
  • Odd charging port placement
  • Unchangeable DPI
  • Does not support other grips


  1. Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball Mouse

Best Mouse for MacBook Pro


A poor posture while working on a computer or prolonged usage of the same can cause various health issues like RSI and CTS. You can end up feeling fatigued and debilitating pain in your arm and body. To avoid all this, Logitech has come up with the MX Ergo wireless trackball mouse, which will prevent all these health issues, which are more likely to be experienced due to extended hours of work.

If you are looking for a trackball mouse, then you might want to consider this product. The ergonomic design is good enough for all three grips and keeps you comfortable the whole time you are using this mouse. If you are a first time user of a trackball, then you might feel a little agitated initially, but once you spend time using it, you will feel the difference and the benefits it offers.

This model has the regular left and right buttons, a sensitivity switcher, a scroll wheel, and a trackball. The trackball is easy to use, it spins without any hindrance, and it doesn’t slip as well. It is removable so that it can be cleaned. It is wireless and easily connects to any device. The performance is commendable. If you have to work for longer hours, you should buy this product because of the health benefits it offers.

  • Comfortable grip
  • Trackball accuracy
  • Easy sensitivity switching
  • Design not supportive for left-handers


  1. Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse

Best Mouse for MacBook Pro


Razer Naga is a gaming mouse, but its compatibility with MacBook Pro made its way to our list. It has a 12 button layout, which makes it popular among the gamers and professionals who have to work with high power mice. This mouse has an excellent ergonomic design and feels comfortable while using it. However, people with small hands might find it bulky.

The size is significant compared to the other products on our list; hence, you might find it challenging to carry around if you plan to travel with it. It supports all three grips, which makes it comfortable to use. It is not a wireless mouse. It comes with a 2.1-meter long wire which connects to the computer via USB port.

The click latency is low, which makes it ideal for gamers. Its DPI range is fantastic, and it enables the user to customize the mouse sensitivity according to their likeness. The cursor fluidity is commendable and amazingly accurate. It is excellent for any use, but for gamers, it is heaven on earth.

  • Strong built

  • Superb performance
  • Customizable sensitivity
  • Not travel-friendly
  • Bulky for small hands

  1. Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Wireless Mouse

Best Mouse for MacBook Pro


This mouse is perfect for people who are looking for a small travel-friendly mouse. As the name depicts, it can be used anywhere and on any surface. The MX Anywhere 2S is packed with great features. Though the size is small, the performance is superb. You don’t have to compromise on the features due to its size.

This mouse is one of the best choices for MacBook Pro. It is a wireless mouse and connects via Bluetooth in no time. It comes with a USB receiver that can connect you to another laptop without switching the Bluetooth. It has a fast-charging feature, which gives you enough power to be used in a day within 3 minutes.

The DPI is 4000, which makes it highly sensitive, and it can react to small physical movements of the mouse. It can work on any surface, even on transparent glass. The grip of this mouse is comfortable and works well with all three grips. The design of this mouse is suitable for left-handers as well. It is a perfect selection for anyone who wants to travel and wants a mouse that has excellent features and is portable.

  • Travel-friendly

  • Multi-computer control
  • Fast charging
  • High sensitivity
  • Expensive

  • Small for big hands


  1. Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

Best Mouse for MacBook Pro


This mouse is the best gaming mouse for a MacBook Pro. It is primarily a gaming mouse, but it is versatile enough to be used for anything you want to do. The ambidextrous design enables both right and left-handers to use it conveniently. It has a comfortable grip, and it is suitable for all hand sizes.

The design does not give you the look of a gaming mouse. It is light in weight and portable enough to be used while travelling. The battery is rechargeable, and it automatically turns off to save battery life. The click latency of this mouse is very impressive. You will get the same results while using it wireless or wired. You can change the DPI from the wide range it offers. You can change the DPI through the app or directly on the mouse.

It comes with the standard left and right buttons and the scroll wheel. This mouse is compatible with both Windows and MACOS. All in all, it is a great mouse that you can consider buying for your MacBook Pro.

  • Superb performance

  • Customizable DPI
  • Universal design for everyone
  • Impressive wireless latency
  • Rubbery cable


  1. Logitech M510 Wireless Computer Mouse

Best Mouse for MacBook Pro


This is a mouse in a budget. If you don’t want to spend much on a mouse, then it is the right option for you. It is highly portable because of its small size, lightweight, and wireless connectivity. It is ideal for travelling and can be utilized for desktop use. It comes in three colours, i.e., Dark Blue, Dark Grey, and Red.

This mouse works well with MACOS. It has the regular right and left buttons along with the scroll wheel. The scroll wheel has a left/right tilt for scrolling horizontally. Two side buttons on it can be used to program various commands by using the Logitech Options software.

The only drawback it has is that it does not have Bluetooth. You have to connect your MacBook Pro via the USB receiver. It comes with a single AA battery, which can last up to two years. The size of the mouse is comfortable for all hand sizes. It has some impressive customizable options. You can program the side buttons and adjust the CPI. Keeping in mind its price tag, it has some great features which you cannot ignore while considering it.

  • Budget-friendly

  • Portable
  • Customizable controls
  • Cheap plastic used
  • Single-use batteries
  • Size too big for small hands


  1. SteelSeries Rival 3 Gaming Mouse

Best Mouse for MacBook Pro


Not everyone feels good with a wireless mouse; some people still prefer using a wired mouse any day. The SteelSeries Rival 3 is a good mouse for general use as well as professional use. Its size is comfortable for any hand size and supports all grips. The mouse is lightweight and can be used comfortably.

The click latency is low, which does not cause any delay or lag while using it. The performance is commendable. The CPI is not high but still good enough for people who don’t bother about it. This mouse has an additional two buttons on the side along with the standard buttons. The buttons are a little stiff to use. The sensors of this product are amazing and make it a good option for any user.

  • Comfortable grip
  • Excellent sensors
  • Low CPI error
  • Stiff side buttons

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  1. Razer Atheris Ambidextrous Wireless Mouse

Best Mouse for MacBook Pro


This mouse is wireless and very compact, which is great for travelling. You can use it via Bluetooth or with the receiver it comes with. It supports all grips, but it is not suitable for people with extra-large hands due to its small size. It is a little heavy for its size, and that is because of the two AA batteries needed to operate the mouse.

The ambidextrous design makes it wanted by both right and left-handers. The click latency is good, and it is ideal for everyday usage. Its performance is excellent, and it is customizable. You can select the CPI from its wide range and customize it as per your preference.

The buttons are customizable, and you can also set the up and down scroll to various commands. This mouse is not for gaming, but it makes a good option otherwise.

  • Compact design

  • Superb performance
  • Good low wireless latency
  • Heavyweight


Buying Guide for Best Mouse for MacBook Pro


If you are confused to figure out what features to look for while getting a mouse for your MacBook Pro, then this buying guide is going to help you. You will get to know what features to consider while purchasing a mouse so that you get the right product for yourself.

  1. Design

The design of a mouse matters the most. There are mice available in all sizes and shapes. You can get a small mouse if you are a frequent traveller or you can opt for a monster-sized mouse that has enhanced ergonomics. You have to choose according to the size of your hand and other factors like where you will be using it and for how long you will be using it. Some key points which need consideration for design are:

  • Size- Travel-sized mice are small in size, and mice for desktop use are bigger. You can select the size according to the size of your hands and the sort of work you will be doing. The size is entirely according to user preference.
  • Ergonomics- The design is to reduce the strain on hand and wrist. The design is supposed to make the hand hold the mouse at an angle that doesn’t tire the hand for extended hour’s usage.
  • Grip- The grip has to be firm and comfortable. There are mainly three types of grips, i.e., palm, fingertip, and claw. The grip is a personal preference, and you should consider the one which you are comfortable with.


  1. Portability

A mouse should be portable enough to be carried easily. It should be lightweight, small-sized, and wireless if you tend to travel more for work. These features make it easier for the user to carry the mouse anywhere. No matter you want to work while sitting at a coffee shop or during your flight, a portable mouse will make it easier for you to work comfortably and carry it easily.

  1. Wireless Mouse

If you are looking for a wireless mouse, then Bluetooth is your best bet. Wireless mice are more convenient to use. You can use them in any posture and anywhere. The battery-operated Bluetooth mice enable the user to use them for as long as they want, without any hindrance. Radiofrequency mice are more responsive, but they are more prone to interference as well. That is not the case with Bluetooth mice.

  1. Battery life

The batter life is the most important feature for wireless mice. You have to look for a mouse that offers you maximum battery life and minimum charging hours. If you have to work while on the go, you have to make sure that your mouse is fully charged, and you can work without worrying that your mouse will stop working. Mice with USB cables are also a good option, keeping in mind that you can work while your mouse gets charged to connect to your MacBook Pro.

  1. Cable length

This is again, an important feature. If you are opting for a wired mouse, then make sure that the cable of the mouse is long enough for you to work comfortably. A short cable can make you feel fatigued after a long mouse-session. Even if you are getting a USB cable mouse, the length of the cable should be extended, and the quality should be good.

  1. Surface texture

The surface texture matters when you have to work for long hours. You have to select a mouse that can work on a number of surfaces. Even if you are travelling and you cannot carry the mouse pad, the mouse should be able to work on any surface. Working on a variety of surfaces enables the user to work conveniently and comfortably anywhere.

  1. DPI

DPI is the dots per inch, which means how much the mouse pointer moves for every inch the mouse moves physically. A higher DPI doesn’t need to be what you are looking for. DPI varies according to usage. While some professionals might want precision in their work, for that, they have to go for a mouse that has lesser DPI. Higher DPI is preferably for high-resolution displays. It enables the user to navigate the screen quickly.

  1. Weight

The weight of the mouse affects its portability. It should be lightweight so that the user can carry it easily. A heavy mouse will also fatigue the hand and wrist quickly. It can also cause aches in the arm and can lead to RSI. A lightweight mouse can enable the user to work for longer hours without getting tired and feeling any pain in the hand and arm.

  1. Sensors

You need to look for a mouse that has excellent sensors thatcan work on any kind of surface. For this, there are two options, i.e., optical mice and laser mice. Optical mice have LED lights that shine while you move them on a surface. They work on a few surfaces like non-glossy materials and fabric mousepads. Laser mice, on the other hand, work on more surfaces. They might not be a perfect choice as they are expensive, and they have to be picked up and moved across a surface to make them work more precisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I use a non-Apple mouse on my MacBook Pro?

Ans. Yes, your MacBook Pro is compatible with almost any Bluetooth and USB mouse. You only have to connect the device to your MacBook Pro and start using it right away.

Q2. Is an RF mouse better or a Bluetooth mouse better to use with a Macbook Pro?

Ans. Bluetooth mouse is better to use as it is not prone to any interference. On the other hand, an RF mouse is easier to set up, but it is more prone to interference.

Q3. Is it easy to set up a Bluetooth mouse in a MacBook Pro?

Ans. It is not difficult to set up a Bluetooth mouse in MacBook Pro. Though it requires some extra steps to connect and there is some waiting time to reconnect when you boot your computer.

Q4. Do you recommend a wireless mouse or a wired mouse for my MacBook Pro?

Ans. Wireless is the way to go these days. Wireless gadgets are being introduced in the market for a reason; that is to bring convenience to your lives. If you want to feel liberated while working, then go for a wireless mouse; otherwise, a wire can be as good. It’s your personal preference.

Q5. Does the shape of my mouse affect my accuracy?

Ans. Yes, the shape of your mouse can cause strain on your hand and wrist, which can eventually affect the accuracy of your work.

Q6. Which grip of the mouse is recommended for creative professionals?

Ans. The grip of the mouse comes down to your personal preference and comfort. It entirely depends on the size of your hand, along with the shape and size of your desired mouse.

Q7. Are the extra buttons on the mouse of any use?

Ans. They can be useful only if you use complex applications. Otherwise, they can only make you frustrated if they become a hindrance while you try to work.

Q8. What does high DPI do?

Ans. Higher DPI means that the mouse has to cover less distance physically to register its movement on the screen.

Q9. Is a mouse better than a trackpad?

Ans. For professional use, a mouse is always a better option as it provides more accuracy, precision, and proficiency in your work. A trackpad on the laptop can work well for general use but is not suitable for gaming of image editing etc.

Q10. My hand and wrist keep hurting while I use my mouse. Do you think I should change it?

Ans. Yes, you should definitely change it and do it as soon as possible. You can put yourself in RSI by continuously using the wrong type of mouse. Get a mouse that is comfortable while using and does not hurt your wrist.



Final Thoughts

Your comfort matters the most that are the reason new gadgets keep coming up in the market for convenience. Whichever model you select, make sure it is comfortable to use and gives you the maximum features you have been looking for. When you are choosing a mouse, be clear in your mind, what do you need it for. Different users have different levels of satisfaction and preference.

If you are not a professional, then you will not be able to notice the differences which most of the mice have. For general users, all mice are the same. Getting into more details might put you in confusion. We have tried to cover a variety of mice for everyone and with maximum features. We hope this article was helpful enough to clear all the questions in your mind, which you had regarding the best mice for your MacBook Pro.