Easily Pairing Senso Bluetooth Headphones with Your Device

How to Pair Senso Bluetooth Headphones with your device

Senso Bluetooth headphones are getting popular in the market due to their high quality and ultimate performance. If you are a music lover and looking for something affordable at a limited price, but everything is hefty in your pocket, then here is the solution. Senso Bluetooth headphones are exceptional in design and have a secure frame.

From the beats to bass, it will enhance your overall music experience, and you will love the functionality. Pairing may sound difficult to many people, but it’s a matter of few minutes. Senso Bluetooth headphones are user-friendly due to cordless and other essential features. Let us help you in pairing Senso Bluetooth headphones like a pro.

Steps for Pairing Senso Bluetooth Headphones

Pairing Senso Bluetooth Headphones

Step 1

To turn on the Bluetooth headphones, press the multi-functional button for 2-3 seconds. When headphones are on, press this button again for 3-seconds to activate Bluetooth mode for connection. Your phone should be in the defined range of headphones that is 3ft. As soon as the sound starts to fade away, check the signals or keep the device near you.

Step 2

If you are using an Android device, go to the setting then Bluetooth section to check whether the phone is flashing the headphone name or not? Ensure that the mobile phone’s Bluetooth is on and within the reach. Remove any hidden restriction to discover all nearby devices. The phone will start flashing the name of the headset, and you need to click on it. If you are an iOS device, under the Bluetooth section, go to other devices and, you will the headset name.

For the Mac OS devices, go to the system preferences and turn on Bluetooth. Select the device and connect it. In case of verification, tap the accept button, and your headphones are ready to perform.

Step 3

When headphones are finally connected to the device, they will flash solid blue light, and you can play any track. Start from the low sound so it won’t hurt your ears, and later adjust it accordingly. If headphones are not connecting to the device, try to charge them and connect them later. Keep phone and gadget in reach for robust signals and better sound.

Pairing Senso Bluetooth Headphones

For the next pairing, Senso headphones will automatically detect your previously connected device, and upon turning on the Bluetooth, it will pair. When the device and headphones are working smoothly together, the headphones will start blinking the blue light every few seconds to show the status. Pairing these Bluetooth headphones is a stress-free process. In case of any issue, you can contact customer support for troubleshooting.

Final Thoughts

After going through this guide, you must know how to pair Senso Bluetooth headphones without getting into the complicated procedures. As a beginner, it’s not a big deal to use these headphones; you only need to connect the phone and headphones smoothly. After going through the above-mentioned process, if your headphones are not working, there must be a manufacturing issue, and the company will address it. Enhance your music experience by investing in this model, and you will love it.