pairing TaoTronics TT-BH06 Headphones via Bluetooth

For balanced and powerful audio, you need headphones with reliable and advanced features. TaoTronics headphones is one of the best brands to get hands-on while looking for something exceptional for listening to music. This gadget is your great companion when you are on a walk, jog, run, or performing any other activity.

How can you pair the TaoTronics TT-BH06 Headphones with a mobile device via Bluetooth?

TaoTronics headphones

The design of the headphone is secure and comfortable to fit on the head. The noise cancelation feature lets you listen to your favorite track closely without disturbance. TaoTronics TT-BH06 Headphones is Bluetooth enabled and allow you to connect them with any device to access music from anywhere. As a beginner, you must be wondering about the pairing of this gadget with other devices. Let us help you pair the headphone with any device step by step.


It is essential to keep headphones and devices near each other to get strong signal strength. If headphones are away and you are trying to connect them from another room, it won’t work. Keep devices close to each other until paired, and also check the range.


At the front of the headphones, the multifunctional button is located. You can hold the button for 3-seconds, and it will start flashing lights to let you know Bluetooth mode is active. Now your headphones are all set to pair with a mobile device via Bluetooth.


Now go into the Bluetooth list of your phone and find the headset name to pair with. As soon as you select the name, it will connect to the headphones. Sometimes due to the settings in your phone, you can also see the message flashing on your screen to confirm whether you are pairing it or not?


When headphones will connect to the phone, lower down the volume and check it by playing any track. You can also evaluate the range by moving away from the phone, and as soon as you can detect distortion in the sound, it will be the last connection point. After pairing, Bluetooth headphones will remember the device, and next time will connect automatically.

Trouble Shooting

Sometimes due to the Bluetooth history, headphones may not connect with the phone. In this case, you need to clear the caches from the phone and pair again. Due to the constant use, headphones may get jammed too, turn them off and start again.

When pairing a Bluetooth device with another one but your phone is connected with it, turn off the Bluetooth or clear the history. It will start pairing with a different phone.

Final Thoughts

The noise cancellation feature of these headphones lets you focus on the music, whether sitting in a crowd or at home. If you want to have great satisfaction from the headphones, then this is all you need. From traveling to any activity, it will keep music close to your soul. For any technical help, you can go through the manual. Keep it stored in the box if you are not using the product often.