SoundPeats True Wireless Earbuds 5.0 review 2020

SoundPeats True Wireless Earbuds 5.0 review

True wireless headphones have been all the rage these past few years. They used to look so impressive as compared to good all wired regular headphones. But recently, with the newer ranges of iPhones, getting rid of the headphone ports led us as an audience to realize that wired headphones might be a thing of the past. Modern technology is getting rid of wires, and we’re all up for it.

With that, we have seen a surge in the wireless headphones market. What started as expensive, specifically compatible technology, has, in a short period, become accessible and inexpensive for the masses. For instance, SoundPeats is a famous manufacturer coming up with great headphones that have left their mark and held up the competition. But they usually came with a price tag that not many of us could afford.

But with their recent launch of the SoundPeats TrueFree earbuds with a meager price of $35.99, they’ve set a standard for what could be a great pair of headphones for an excellent price. To say these are revolutionary would be an overstatement because let us face it, other companies have had at it for a while now. Some were a hit and miss, some a total miss.

However, SoundPeats are good at what they do — creating good headphones. How is this any different? Well, for starters, they’re cheap. They have True Wireless Sound and use Bluetooth 5.0, claiming to use a better range and sound quality. But are these good? They can’t be all-rounder they’ve been claiming to be and be so inexpensive? Or has technology come to that? Read on as we break it down for you what we think of these honestly.

Why should you get wireless earbuds?

Before we get into the technicalities, we’d like you to stop and think. If you’re looking into actually transitioning from your wired headphones to wireless ones and have stumbled upon this review, you need to ask yourself whether wireless headphones or earbuds are right for you or not?

Wireless earbuds are generally for people on the go. People with fast track lives that need instant results and their technology to be in sync with them. These are an excellent option for people who want to listen to their music or calls wireless. These for people who invest their money for convenience, comfort, and hassle-free call quality. Wireless earbuds might not be such a great idea if you focus on heavy sweat resistance or absolute noise cancellation.

The ‘true’ wireless?

SoundPeats True Wireless Earbuds 5.0 6

The traditional Bluetooth earbuds consisted of earbuds or headphone plugins connected via a cable that you could set at the back of your neck. It would sit there hanging idly around your neck even when your earbuds were not in use. What we refer to as the ‘true’ wireless are Bluetooth earbuds that do not have the connecting cable anymore. They’re almost like hearing aids that you simply place in your ear.

First look


These come in a packing that is not like one of those other companies where the box is pretty big, and then after going through a few layers, the tiny earbuds come out. The packaging is small and adequate. The box contains earbuds in their charging case, a micro-USB charging cable, four sets of ear tips of different sizes (extra small, small, medium, and large).

SoundPeats True Wireless Earbuds 5.0 6

The earbuds are fitted with the medium ear tips as a default. Then there’s the obvious instruction manual with pretty much covers all the basics and know-how. The overall look cannot be described as ‘premium,’ provided we know how much it costs, but it doesn’t look cheap either.


As we said, it does not look premium; however the plastic used for the case is good quality. The design is decent, as far as decent goes. There’s no hint of any color. The logo on the case feels as if it would rub off or fade from daily sliding in and out of the pocket. Its all black. The case, the earbuds, and the ear tips.

The charging case with the earbuds in it weighs 51g. The compact case is cylindrical and slightly bulky in size, though. It measures 38mm by 32 mm and is 77mm long, which won’t make it easy to slide it in your pocket. The case has a micro-USB port for charging at the back and two LED’s at the front. Wireless charging isn’t offered.

SoundPeats True Wireless Earbuds 5.0 6

The earbuds are smart and handy. They seem to be designed to sit right on the ridge of your ear snugly. On each earbud, there is a button. These can be used to control playback, volume, calls, etc. we feel like pushing the button with earbud already in your ear can push it deeper in your ear, which could be uncomfortable.

The lid has a magnetic closure that is oddly satisfying to play with, not that we recommend doing that. The LED’s on the lid indicate when the earbuds are charging and when they are 100% charged. The lid is partially translucent that lets you see the charging light on the earbuds through it.


We can relate to how different headphones work for different people. At some point, we have all experienced uncomfortable headphones or earbuds that just won’t fit and would pop right out. With SoundPeat’s true wireless earbuds, they have worked on the size of the earbuds. What’s smart is that these aren’t just small to cater to the ears of the masses, they’re lightweight as well. Bulky earbuds can start causing a strain, which again is uncomfortable for more extended periods of use.

The ergonomic shape and weight of these earbuds along with the option of the sizes of ear tips to choose from, we found that it was so much easier to just generally avoid any comfort issues that arise with prolonged use.


SoundPeats True Wireless Earbuds 5.0 6

Sound quality is what matters the most in the end. This is also where the true competition lies because they are after all earbuds, and this is their primary function. Many cheap headphones fail to provide in this department; however, surprisingly, SoundPeat’s True Wireless earbuds sounded pretty great for what they’re worth.

By no means are we claiming that they sound out of the world, but they’re not bad at all. Starting with the bass, it’s well mediated. We were impressed by the deliverance judging from how small and light these are. The feel of drums or more in-depth notes in music or audios is well distinguished, but the bass extension is average.

Usually, the sound clarity depends on what you’re listening to. For instance, in a film with lots of dialogues and soft background music, you’ll have a great audio experience. Same with music or podcasts. Which makes it a right choice for making calls as well. The earbuds are great with mid-range sounds and trebles, but with action movies and loud rock music, the sound gets a little shrill.

We experienced that the volume played a huge role here too. For music that got too shrill, we turned the volume down a bit, and the audio improved sounding much better. They do not, however, in any way, sound powerful. For the size and weight they are, we didn’t expect them to either, but the clarity remains a winning point for these.

They offer a really impressive amount of sound isolation as well. It also depends on how snugly you have these fit in your ears, but while making a call or even speaking with these on, you can hear your voice muffled.


The controls are uncomplicated and straightforward because of the one-button design on each earbud. One push will get you music backward forward or call or disconnect but unfortunately no volume control. You can access your device through the voice assistant. The SoundPeats True wireless earbuds boast 5.0 Bluetooth compatibility ,which lets you experience a vast range and connection stability even if you’re 10 to 15 meters away from your device.

SoundPeats True Wireless Earbuds 5.0 6

They connect with one device at a time as a stereo headset. They can be used separately for two different devices, but you have to make sure to connect to the left earbud first. The pairing procedure is glitch-free and straightforward. These aren’t too great in the gaming and YouTube department; however Netflix had better sound sync features.

What we found to be neat was the ability to receive phone calls bin aurally through both of the earbuds. The voice clarity like we’ve mentioned for phone calls is pretty crisp and clear. Many similarly priced earbuds claiming to offer the same features as these SoundPeats true wireless earbuds, but do not deliver. There are microphones present on the base of each earbud. No one receiving a call from you can tell whether you’re talking with your Bluetooth headphones or not.

The noise isolation feature makes it pretty great for commuting on public vehicles and getting to focus on the sound pouring out the earbuds. For the money they’re worth, they offer a pretty good performance in all sense of basic functionalities you might want to get out these true wireless earbuds.

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The battery life is what let us down. We weren’t all too happy when these lasted us only 3 to 4 hours. The good thing is they lasted just as long as the manufacturers advertised. The battery life does not sound all too displeasing if you’re okay with carrying around the charging case with you. The charging case can charge these up to four times, which can make good use for up to 15 hours. So even a quick 20-minute charge will give you a solid hour of use.

What we think

To sum it all up, we believe that for your everyday use at a limited budget, these are great wireless earbuds. The sound quality is decent enough for you to actively make calls, listen to podcasts, music, or watch videos. These are lightweight, designed smartly to appear modern and convenient for use. The noise isolation feature is excellent for people who are looking to exercise with these on or commute in public transports.

The ear fitting is thoughtful and designed to cater to different ear types. The battery life might be a deal-breaker for some people who find might it a hassle to recharge it repeatedly throughout the day. These aren’t meant to last you through the day, that’s for sure. The latency experienced by some of the Bluetooth connectivity to YouTube or your smart tv would also not be suitable for people who actively use wireless headphones for such activities. For what they’re worth, they’re a great deal for everyday use.

  • Great price

  • Good performance
  • Value for money
  • Lightweight and small in size
  • Excellent wireless range
  • Great for daily commute/exercise
  • Good sound quality
  • Inconsistent pairing possibility
  • Sync latency with certain apps
  • No wireless charging




  1. How long does it take the earbuds to charge entirely from the case?

It takes 1.5 to 2 hours to charge the earbuds from the case completely.

  1. Will I experience noise leakage?

The leakage performance of these wireless earbuds was excellent. We did not experience any leakage even with music turned on the loudest volume. However, if you do that in a quiet room, chances are there will be minor noise leakage.

  1. Will I experience sweating after long periods of use?

Unlike other in-ear headphones marketed at a similar price, the SoundPeats True Wireless Earbuds have a high breath ability performance. The earbuds do not trap heat. We did not experience any noticeable difference in the temperature when wearing them, even for a long time.

  1. Do they automatically stop playing music if I just put them back in the box?

Yes. They will stop playing as soon as you put them back in the box. If they were in stereo mode, make sure to place the left earbud back in the box first. The right earbud will continue to play until placed back in the box.